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  • Hills Clothes Line Cover

    Are There Clothesline Covers Available For My Hills Hoist? Yes, there are Hills Clothes Line Cover available got purchase. We've got them right here at Lifestyle Clotheslines! There's a category on ou

  • Hills Hoist Prices

    If you are looking at Hills Hoist prices they do vary depending on the size of Hills Hoist you need and the model. Hills are still one of the leading brands of clothes hoist in Australia, with their

  • How much space do I need for Hills Hoist Heritage 4 Rotary so it will fit in my backyard without interfering with anything when it is rotating in the breeze?

    It is best to allow an extra 1 metre to the diameter of the  Hills Hoist Heritage 4 clothesline for free rotation.  You will find the Diameter of Head and Space Recommended under the ‘Specifications’

  • Waterproof Clothesline Covers

    Where Can I Find Waterproof Clothesline Covers? Right here!! Lifestyle Clotheslines has a range of Waterproof Clothesline Covers. We stock covers for the  folding frame or wall-mounted type clotheslin

  • Does the Shade Cloth Clothesline Cover hold water when it rains?

    The shade cloth clothesline covers are not waterproof and if it does start raining then there would be water starting to come through the small holes.  If you are looking for a waterproof clothesline

  • Clothesline Cover Warranty

    What Sort Of Warranty Do The Clothesline Covers Have? With both of the different brands that we stock, the  waterproof rotary clothesline covers and also the shade cloth rotary covers, these products

  • Clothesline Shade Covers

    Do Shade Covers Exist For My Clothesline? Yes, Clothesline Shade Covers do exist. We actually sell a  dark green shade cloth clothesline cover for your rotary clothesline or your hills hoist clothesli

  • Hills Hoist Covers

    Can I Find A Cover For My Hills Hoist? Yes, you can find Hills Hoist Covers here. We have a range of different hoist covers available to choose from in different sizes. You'll find these products unde

  • Clothesline Installation East Metropolitan Perth?

    Do you need a clothesline installation supplier within the East Metropolitan area of Perth? If so, Lifestyle Clotheslines can supply you with efficient installation services from highly-experienced cl

  • Is the line on the Hills Hoist Heritage 5 plastic or wire?

    This is galvanized steel wire for superior strength and durability.  All  fixed head style rotary clotheslines come with steel wire, it is only the fixed head type rotary that uses the polycore (plast

  • Will the Clothesline Basket Holder fit my Hills Hoist clothesline?

    Yes. The clothesline basket holder is a multi-fit design and can fit any rotary clotheslines that have a main stem size of between 50mm-60mm. This basket holder fits all Hills rotary clotheslines

  • How Easy Are Clothesline Covers To Install?

    Is Clothesline Cover Installation Simple? Clothesline cover installation is indeed very, very simple. It's generally just a one-man operation. There are no tools required to attach our clothesline cov

  • Hills Hoist Heritage 4 Clothesline FD52600 Product Video

    Hills Hoist Heritage 4 Fixed Rotary Clothesline The  Hills Hoist Heritage 4 Clothesline is one of the very popular Hills Hoist models, part of the Hills Fixed Head Rotary Clothesline range. Heritage 4

  • Covers for Clotheslines

    Are Covers Available for Clotheslines? Yes, Covers for Clotheslines are available. Lifestyle Clotheslines has a range of different types of clothesline covers to suit the various clothesline styles. S

  • Clothesline Covers in Australia

    Can I Buy a Clothesline Cover in Australia? Yes, you can purchase Clothesline Covers in Australia. You probably won't find them in most retail shops these days, but we do stock them here at Lifestyle

  • Hills Clothesline Installers Brisbane

    If you're looking for Hills clothesline installers in the Brisbane area, Lifestyle Clotheslines has a team of dedicated Hills clothesline installers throughout the Brisbane Metro area. Leading Hills C

  • Where Can I Buy A Clothesline Cover?

    Where Can I Find A Clothesline Cover Provider? We get a lot of phone calls each day asking us this question: Where Can I Buy A Clothesline Cover?. We sell clothesline covers right here at Lifestyle Cl

  • Hills Hoist Supa A5 Clothesline FD95005 Product Video

    Hills Hoist Supa A5 Fixed Rotary Clothesline The  Hills Hoist Supa A5 Clothesline model is part of the budget version Hills Hoist as one of our Hills Hoist fixed rotary products with a head diameter o

  • Hills Washing Lines

    he  full range of Hills Washing Lines are available online at Lifestyle Clotheslines, with shipping to all cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, plus most regional areas of

  • Selecting the Right Hills Clothesline

    So, how do you make sure you're choosing the right clothes line for you? Consider the following questions.  1. How much backyard space do you have? 2. How many people are in your family? 3. How often

  • Hills Hoist Cover - are these covers waterproof?

    If you are looking for a  Hills Hoist cover to provide protection and shade for your clothes, laundry and animals, you can find all covers here. Covers for Hills Hoist clotheslines and washing lines a

  • Washing Line Cover

    Can I Get A Washing Line Cover? Yes, you can get a Washing Line Cover. You can get it right here at Lifestyle Clotheslines! We have a range of different types of covers to suit  rotary or hills hoist

  • What Austral Clotheslines are available to be used as an extra clothesline for wet weather drying?

    There are several options available. The Austral  Retractaway 40 and  Retractaway 50 models suitable for use within carports, garages and verandahs, locking in place at a minimum distance of 2 metres.

  • What Is The Line Spacing On Folding Frame Clotheslines?

    How Far Are The Lines On The Foldown Clotheslines Spaced Apart? A really important part of a  Fold Down or Wall Mount Clothesline is how far those lines are spaced apart. Obviously, that's very import

  • What's the Difference Between Hills Heritage and Supa A range?

    The main difference between these two styles of Hills  fixed head rotary clothesline is that the Hills Heritage range is full galvanised steel and has steel line staples on top of the arms that the li

  • Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Clothesline FD52706 Product Video

    Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Fixed Rotary Clothesline The  Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Clothesline is the 5 metre size in the Hills Hoist clothesline range. It's a full galvanized steel tubing frame with galvani

  • Austral Clothesline Installers Brisbane

    If you're looking for Austral Clothesline Installers in Brisbane, Lifestyle Clotheslines can help as we have a team of highly trained and dedicated Austral clothesline installers covering the complete

  • Clothesline Installation Parramatta 2150 NSW

    deliver, install, and supply If you want to buy your new laundry line or washing line from a trusted clothesline provider, look no further than at Lifestyle Clotheslines. We can deliver, install, and

  • I have a six line Hills Hoist. Which size cover should I choose?

    The size of the clothesline is what we need so you are going to have to measure the unit as there have been many sizes of 6 line units over the years.  You need to measure the diameter(end of one arm

  • Replace a Storm Damaged Clothes Line

    If you are needing to replace a  storm damaged clothes line or washing line, Lifestyle Clotheslines can help with this in a quick and timely manner. Clothes lines damaged in storms in most cases can b

  • Clothesline Installation Service INSTALL Product Video

    Hi there, and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. We do offer an  installation service for a majority of our larger outdoor clothesline products, so if you did need to know a bit more about that, you c

  • Washing Line Installation Adelaide

    If you need help with your washing line installation in Adelaide, Lifestyle Clotheslines can help as we have a team of dedicated washing line installers in Adelaide covering the full Adelaide metro ar

  • Rain Cover for Hills Hoist

    You can get a  rain cover for Hills Hoist clotheslines which comes in a beige colour and is made of a waterproof PVC material. Using a rain cover on a Hills Hoist is a great way to keep your clothes c

  • How does the Hills Hoist Heritage 5 compare to other, similar clotheslines?

    To compare all of the similar features of the  Hills Heritage 5, Hills Supa A5 and the Austral Super 5 clotheslines, then visit our Hills Heritage Hoist 5 clothesline comparison chart. For help and ad

  • Can you do clothesline installation Sutherland Shire?

    Yes we can do clothesline installation in Sutherland Shire, Sydney. A full clothesline installation service is available to all Sutherland Shire residents for all models of clotheslines and washing li

  • Clothesline Installation Southern Adelaide?

    Are you looking for high-quality clothesline products and speedy clothesline installation services within the Southern Adelaide region? If so, we have exactly what you need! Lifestyle Clotheslines is

  • Austral Clothesline Installers Melbourne

    If you are looking for Austral Clothesline installers in Melbourne, Lifestyle Clotheslines can help, as we have a full and dedicated team of Austral Clothesline Installers covering the complete Melbou

  • Clotheslines for Small Spaces

    We get asked alot what are the best clotheslines for small spaces, so today we're looking at the clotheslines, washing lines and clothes airer for small spaces, and what are the best options for

  • Hills Clothesline Factory Outlet Locations?

    If you are looking for the  Hills clothesline factory outlet to purchase a new Hills clothesline, these outlets have all been closed down. All Hills clearance centres acted also as a  Hills clotheslin

  • What Material Are The Clothesline Covers Made From?

    Are Clothesline Covers Made From High Quality Materials? Our clothesline covers are actually made from two different materials, each of which are high quality, yet serve differing purposes.  We have a

  • Austral Clothesline Stockists online?

    Lifestyle Clotheslines is the leading Austral clothesline stockists in Australia, with all makes and models in stock. All Austral clothesline and washing line models including  foldown, rotary and ret

  • How Do Austral Clotheslines Compare to Other Brands?

    Austral’s Clotheslines offer you many colour options and a greater choice of styles with more line space for greater drying flexibility.  Austral Clotheslines are manufactured in Australia, plus they

  • Where Can I Buy Austral Foldown Clotheslines?

    Where Can I Find An Austral Folding Frame Clothesline? Lifestyle Clotheslines has the full range of  Austral Clothesline products. You'll find those models under the Fold Down Category. They come in l

  • Where Can I Buy Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines?

    Where Can I Buy Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines? Well, you can buy it right here from us at Lifestyle Clotheslines. You'll find all those models under our  Fold Down Category on our website, and we'v

  • Does The Hills Hoist Have Galvanised Wire Lines?

    So, Does the Hills Hoist have Galvanised Steel Wire? Yes, the  Hills Hoist does have galvanised wire lines. The Fixed Rotary Hills Hoist Clotheslines that you'll find under the Clothes Hoist Category

  • What is the Hills Hoist Heritage 5 clothesline made of?

    The  Hills Heritage 5 clothes line and clothes hoist is a fully galvanized steel unit just like the old Hills Hoist of years gone by with an aluminium crank case and steel handle.  The Heritage 5 also

  • Is the Eco 300 Clothesline the largest Fold Down clothesline available?

    Yes it is, just select one of the 1500mm Depth Options available and you have got the biggest fold down clothesline on the market today, 3000mm x 1500mm.  If you add the optional Lowline Attachment as

  • Austral Clothesline Installers Adelaide

    If you're looking for Austral Clothesline installers in Adelaide, Austral Clotheslines can help, because we have a highly qualified team of Austral Clothesline installers covering the complete Adelaid

  • What Is The Biggest Wall Mount Clothesline?

    Looking For The Largest Fold Down Drying Unit? These days, everyone wants to know what the biggest wall mount clothesline is. The biggest  Wall Mount Clothesline we do is the City Living Urban 3000 Cl

  • Wall Mounted Washing Line

    Where Can I Get A Foldown Clothes Unit? Well, you'll find the wall mounted washing line right here at Lifestyle Clotheslines. The  Wall Mounted Clothesline Category is one of the largest categories we