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  • Where Can I Buy Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines?

    Where Can I Buy Hills Folding Frame Clotheslines? Well, you can buy it right here from us at Lifestyle Clotheslines. You'll find all those models under our  Fold Down Category on our website, and we'v

  • How Do Austral Clotheslines Compare to Other Brands?

    Austral’s Clotheslines offer you many colour options and a greater choice of styles with more line space for greater drying flexibility.  Austral Clotheslines are manufactured in Australia, plus they

  • Is the Eco 300 Clothesline the largest Fold Down clothesline available?

    Yes it is, just select one of the 1500mm Depth Options available and you have got the biggest fold down clothesline on the market today, 3000mm x 1500mm.  If you add the optional Lowline Attachment as

  • What is the Hills Hoist Heritage 5 clothesline made of?

    The  Hills Heritage 5 clothes line and clothes hoist is a fully galvanized steel unit just like the old Hills Hoist of years gone by with an aluminium crank case and steel handle.  The Heritage 5 also

  • Austral Clothesline Installers Adelaide

    If you're looking for Austral Clothesline installers in Adelaide, Austral Clotheslines can help, because we have a highly qualified team of Austral Clothesline installers covering the complete Adelaid

  • What Is The Most Popular Size For A Foldown Clothesline These Days?

    What Is The Most Popular Size In The Wall Mount Or Fold Down Clotheslines? Still today, the most common size that we do tend to sell is the 2.4 metre wide clothesline. This size just allows a queen-si

  • What Is The Biggest Wall Mount Clothesline?

    Looking For The Largest Fold Down Drying Unit? These days, everyone wants to know what the biggest wall mount clothesline is. The biggest  Wall Mount Clothesline we do is the City Living Urban 3000 Cl

  • Wall Mounted Washing Line

    Where Can I Get A Foldown Clothes Unit? Well, you'll find the wall mounted washing line right here at Lifestyle Clotheslines. The  Wall Mounted Clothesline Category is one of the largest categories we

  • What Are Foldown Clotheslines Made Of?

    What Are These Wall Mount Or Fold Down Clotheslines Actually Made Of? The perception a lot of people have is that they're actually from plastic these days. Well, they're not. The foldown clotheslines

  • Biggest Hills Wall Mounted Clothesline

    What Is The Largest Hills Wall Mounted Clothesline? Well, the biggest Hills wall mounted clothesline is the  Hills Supa Fold Duo Clothesline. Now, you'll find that one under the  Fold Down Category on

  • Do Wall Mount Clotheslines Fold Down?

    Do The Wall Mount Clotheslines Actually Fold Down? Well, yes the wall mount clotheslines do fold down. The  Wall Mount Clotheslines actually fold down flat against the wall. Now, operation is really e

  • What Is The Difference Between Plated And Standard Ground Mount Kits?

    What Is The Difference Between Standard Ground Mount Kits And Plated Ground Mount Kits For A Foldown Line? We get asked this everyday. To make it simple, the standard ground mount kit is the most comm

  • Choosing A Wall Mounted Clothes Line

    How Do I Choose The Right Wall Mounted Clothesline? It's pretty daunting, because that's probably the biggest category we've got on our website, under that  Fold Down Category. There's lots of differe

  • What Guarantee Do I Get With A Hills Hoist Clothesline?

    What Sort Of Warranty Do I Get With My Hills Hoist? Well, Hills back their products with a 10-year warranty. You'll find that when you do purchase one of these products, you'll get an instruction manu

  • Can I Get A Clothesline Cover For My Foldown Clothesline?

    Can I Get A Clothesline Cover For My Wall-Mounted Drying Line? Yes, you can get a clothesline cover for your foldown clothesline. There's actually a  Covers Category on our website and you'll find the

  • Best Hills Hoist For Family Of 5

    What is the Best Hills Hoist for a Family of Five or More? Well, the Best  Hills Hoist For Family Of 5 would have to be the Hills Hoist Heritage 5 Rotary Clothesline. This model is the largest diamete

  • Can I Mount A Fold Down Clothesline Free Standing?

    How Do I Mount A Folding Frame Clothesline Free Standing? Quite often people think that  fold down clotheslines are just a wall-mount clothesline. Well, the standard form is wall-mount. But with most

  • Where Can I Buy A Hills Hoist Clothesline In Australia?

    Can I Still Purchase A Hills Hoist Within Australia? Yes, we've got Hills Hoist Clotheslines right here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, including the  Hills Heritage 4 and Heritage 5 models. This type of p

  • Can I Get A Wall Mount Clothesline In A Special Colour?

    Where Can I Get A Fold Down Clothesline In A Special Colour? You'll find with most of the products like  Hills or Austral, they come in one or two standard colors, and that's all you can get from thos

  • What Colours Are Available For Foldown Clotheslines?

    Which Colours May Be Selected For The Wall Mount Clothes Lines? You'll find there will be a color option on each product page for each model. Now with most models, including your  Austral and your Hil

  • Clothesline Installation Pacific Paradise 4564 QLD

    eed help with Pacific Paradise Clotheslines Installations and Installers for your home? Lifestyle Clotheslines can help you with the assembly and installation of any clothesline unit within your home

  • Can I Get A Wall Mount Clothesline In A Special Size?

    Can I Get A Wall Mount Clothesline Or Foldown Clothesline In A Special Size? Well, essentially with the  Hills or Austral wall-mount clotheslines, no you cannot get a wall mounted clothesline in a spe

  • Best Folding Clothesline For A Family

    What Is The Best Folding Or Foldown Clothesline For A Family? Now, in our range of fold-down clothesline products, it's quite large. But, out of the different brands we do, obviously for a family line

  • Austral Clothesline Installers Perth

    If you're looking for Austral Clothesline installers in Perth, Lifestyle Clothesline can help as we have a team of dedicated and highly trained Austral Clothesline installers covering the complete Per

  • How Do I Work Out What Size Foldown Clothesline I Need?

    How To Determine Which Foldown Clothesline Size Is Suitable? Well, the first thing really to do is just measure the space that you have. So find the space where you want to put that clothes line, and

  • Clothesline Installation Broadbeach 4218 QLD

    Reduce your energy consumption within your home in Broadbeach 4218 Gold Coast QLD by using a traditional clothesline unit with long line lengths and wide line spacing when dealing with large batches o

  • Clothesline Installation Brookfield 4069 QLD

    Line drying within your home in Brookfield 4069 Western Suburbs Brisbane QLD is so much better when you have a reliable fold down washing line unit to depend on.  Lifestyle Clotheslines highly recomme

  • Clothesline Installation Guanaba 4210 QLD

    As you ponder on completely abandoning your tumble drying ways within your home in Guanaba 4210 Gold Coast QLD, let Lifestyle Clotheslines convince you of the superiority of using a clothesline unit –

  • Clothesline Installation Highland Park 4211 QLD

    Reduce your energy consumption within your home in Highland Park 4211 Gold Coast QLD by using a traditional clothesline unit with long line lengths and wide line spacing when dealing with large batche

  • Clothesline Installation Bracken Ridge 4017 QLD

    If you are interested in buying a new retractable laundry line unit for your home in Bracken Ridge 4017 Northern Suburbs Brisbane QLD, Lifestyle Clotheslines is always happy to help you find out all t

  • Clothesline Installation Sandgate 4017 QLD

    The most cost-effective and eco-friendly way to deal with laundry within your home in Sandgate 4017 Northern Suburbs Brisbane QLD is by line drying them – not tumble drying. But what if your apartment

  • Clothesline Installation Donnybrook 4510 QLD

    Lifestyle Clotheslines is where you can find the most ideal clothesline unit for small homes, apartments, townhouses, condos, and in strata areas in Donnybrook 4510 Moreton Bay QLD. You can find here

  • Clothesline Installation Kunda Park 4556 QLD

    Are you looking for the most appropriate clothesline unit for your home in Kunda Park 4556 Sunshine Coast QLD? Lifestyle Clotheslines can bring you customised Kunda Park Clothesline Installations and

  • How To Stop Bird Poo on Washing and Laundry

    If you are like most of us there is nothing more frustrating than going to all the trouble of doing your washing and hanging it out, to come back a short time later and find it covered in bird poo or

  • Clothesline Installation Deception Bay 4508 QLD

    Line drying provides many advantages over tumble drying – and can really help your home in Deception Bay 4508 Moreton Bay QLD.   Whiter whites without the bleach   Fresher, crisper, better smelling cl

  • Clothesline Installation Booval 4304 QLD

    Clothesline Installation and Installers Booval 4304 Ipswich QLD Lifestyle Clotheslines is the most trusted name for Booval Clothesline Installation and Installers of all clotheslines from the Aussie-m

  • Clothesline Installation Kenmore Hills 4069 QLD

    If you are a homeowner in Kenmore Hills 4069Western Suburbs Brisbane QLD and you want expert assistance in determining the best clothes ceiling airer in the market, Lifestyle Clotheslines can provide

  • Clothesline Installation Mutdapilly QLD

    Lifestyle Clotheslines is the most dependable name for Mutdapilly Clothesline Installation and Installers of Australian-designed fold down clotheslines. When you’re short on space or you literally hav

  • Clothesline Installation Tanawha 4556 QLD

    Tumble drying is not a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to deal with your laundry – especially when it comes to delicate clothing items as well as your undergarments. Let Lifestyle Clotheslines ins

  • Clothesline Installation Jolly's Lookout 4520 QLD

    For the most ideal washing line or laundry line unit that is right for your allotted installation space within your home in Jolly’s Lookout 4520 Moreton Bay QLD, you can never go wrong with Lifestyle

  • Clothesline Installation Veresdale Scrub 4285 QLD

    Veresdal Scrub 4285 Logan City QLD  Lifestyle Clotheslines strongly supports choosing a mobile clothes hoist, a portable drying rack, or a non-permanent clothes airer for your home in Veresdale Scrub

  • Clothesline Installation North Arm 4561 QLD

    Do you need help in selecting the best clothesline unit for your small home, apartment, or rental unit in North Arm 4561 Sunshine Coast QLD? At Lifestyle Clotheslines, you can request for North Arm Cl

  • Clothesline Installation Mount Marrow 4306 QLD

    Lifestyle Clotheslines is the most dependable name for Mount Marrow Clothesline Installation and Installers of clothes ceiling airers that require minimal installation allocation and produce zero carb

  • Clothesline Installation Gawler East 5118 SA

    Gawler East 5118  Adelaide SA At Lifestyle Clotheslines, you can get informative comparisons about two fold down clothesline products that can be right for your home in Gawler East 5118 Adelaide SA. W

  • Clothesline Installation Birkdale 4159 QLD

    Birkdale 4159 Redland City QLD If you’re looking for excellent Birkdale Clothesline Installation and Installers for apartments, condo units, and space-challenged homes, Lifestyle Clotheslines is the r

  • Clothesline Installation Mount Nathan 4211 QLD

    If you’re having doubts about using a clothesline unit, just imagine all the savings you can enjoy once you realise that your tumble drying ways are the reason why your monthly utility bills are never

  • Clothesline Installation Karalee 4306 QLD

    Clothesline Installation and Installers Karalee 4306 Ipswich QLD Lifestyle Clotheslines is the most trusted name for Karalee Clothesline Installation and Installers of Aussie-made fold down clotheslin

  • Clothesline Installation Flaxton 4560 QLD

    Are you looking for the best clothes ceiling airers that can be installed in your home in Flaxton 4560 Sunshine Coast QLD? Lifestyle Clotheslines is the expert in Flaxton Clothesline Installations and

  • Clothesline Installation Margate 4019 QLD

    Let Lifestyle Clotheslines provide you with the most ideal washing line or laundry line solution so you don’t have to reach out for the plug again – and enjoy sun-dried clothes all the timewithin your

  • Clothesline Installation Doonan 4562 QLD

    If you have already found the perfect clothesline installations and installers for your home in Doonan 4562 Sunshine Coast QLD, how do you ensure your laundry will stay in place during windy days? For