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  • Can I proceed to wall mount my foldown clothesline if the wall is shorter than the clothesline length?

    Yes, you can. All Austral folding frame units have a tubular steel front bar that may be shortened using a hack saw or angle grinder. You just need to reduce the front bar by the required length befor

  • What is the best height to install my foldown clothesline?

    The general recommendation is to fix the top bolt of the clothesline wall bracket approximately 50mm above the user's head height. Remember to consider whether or not there are taller users who help t

  • Can I Mount A Fold Down Clothesline Free Standing?

    How Do I Mount A Folding Frame Clothesline Free Standing? Quite often people think that  fold down clotheslines are just a wall-mount clothesline. Well, the standard form is wall-mount. But with most

  • 1.2m Wide Clotheslines

    Are you shopping for the ultimate 1.2m clothesline here in Australia? Come and see the video we have included below where we will tackle the top choices for 1.2m clothesline brands, the flexible

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    For the most recommended 0.7m clothesline models available in Australia today, feel free to have a look at our video guide below, it includes the best brands of 0.7m clotheslines, multiple mounting

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    Browsing for the best 2.3m clothesline? Lifestyle Clotheslines offers a plethora of Australian made 2.3m wide clotheslines that are worth looking into. We will help you from choosing the right model,

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    Hunting for the right 180cm clothesline can be quite daunting mostly since there are tons of choices out there varying in features and prices--making the decision-making process harder than it should

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    If you are on the hunt for a 2.7m clothesline, Lifestyle Clotheslines is the ultimate clothesline retail centre in Australia that will take care of all your clothes drying needs in an eco friendly

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    Now is the perfect time to replace your clotheslines, Lifestyle Clotheslines' experts have chosen the best 2.9m clothesline options for you so read on to find out more. It is quite easy to find a

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    Is it time to purchase a new 1.6m wide clothesline? Come and check out our awesome 1.6m clothesline recommendations that are hand-built here in Australia. We wanted to make thing easier for you so

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    Do you need to find ultimate clotheslines 1.3m wide that are for sale in Australia? Feel free to watch the video we have included below to familiarise yourself with the most popular clotheslines as

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    Come have a look at the 140cm clothesline models that are both reliable and practical for any 140cm wide spacing, we've got recommendations that are only the best among the rest so you will have a

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    Searching for 2.5m clothesline for your home but have no idea where to start? We will help you find the right clothesline for your needs. To make things more convenient for you, have a look at the

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    If you are looking for a more eco-friendly (and wallet-friendly) way to dry clotheslines but have limited wall space, take a look at our 1.8m clothesline recommendation. These are entirely designed

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    activitiyIf you are thinking of getting a 2.6m clothesline soon then let us guide you through the vital steps before making your final decision. We have a variety of clothesline options for those of

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    If you need a new 2.4m clothesline for your home, look no further! Here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we have an awesome range of reliable 2.4m wide clotheslines that are worth considering, we have

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    It is the perfect time to get a new or replace your old 3.1m clothesline! Lifestyle Clotheslines is the ultimate destination for all of your eco friendly clothes drying needs. We have done our best

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    Searching for 3m clothesline has never been easier! Lifestyle Clotheslines should be your only choice if you want a hassle-free clothesline shopping, there is a reason why we have thousands upon

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    Come check out our 160cm clothesline recommendations that are hand-built here in Australia and are designed to last a lifetime! A clothesline with a width of 160cm of width is not very wide at all,

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    Finding the best 130cm clothesline is easier said than done mostly since this size of clothesline is not standard, is not readily available in stores and rarely offered by manufacturers. We, here at

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    Digging the internet for 120cm clothesline can be quite a chore considering this is not a standard clothesline width that most retailers and manufacturers offer. It's a good thing Lifestyle

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    If you are on the search for the best 3.2m clothesline, let our clothesline experts here at Lifestyle Clotheslines make this process a breeze! Our wide range of eco-friendly clothes drying products

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    Are you in need of a 170cm clothesline that's destined to last a while? If our guess is right, keep reading so you can have a look at our awesome recommendations that are guaranteed to be the cream

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    If you have decided to get a new 3.4m clothesline then you have come to the right place! We have consulted our clothesline experts here at Lifestyle Clotheslines to narrow down some choices for your

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    Finding that perfect 150cm clothesline is not a simple walk in the park, given the tons of brands being imported with more features for much cheaper and locally made ones that can be a bit more

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    Thinking of getting a new 1.4m clothesline? Have a look at the popular 1.4m clothesline models that are made in Australia. Please watch the video we made below so you can easily familiarise yourself

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    Take a moment to browse the hottest 0.9m clothesline models that are available in Australia right now, we threw in a video guide below to make it more convenient for you! We especially took notice of

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    If you are planning to get a new 3.3m clothesline, let us help you make this very task a more pleasant experience. Lifestyle Clotheslines is the best online clothesline retailer in Australia and our

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    If you are out and about for a brand new 1.7m clothesline that is hand-built here in Australia, we wanted to make clothesline buying easier for you so go on and have a look at the video below where

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    Getting a 2.8m clothesline should not be a daunting affair, we at Lifestyle Clotheslines don't take such things easily, there is a reason why or customers stick with us; so let's get started with

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    Thinking of buying a new 1.5m wide clothesline? View our 1.5m clothesline selection that are handcrafted in Australia. We have also included a video below where we have discussed the clothesline

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    If you are looking for the ultimate 2.2m clothesline for your home, look no further! Here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we have an awesome range of reliable 2.2m wide clotheslines that are worth

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    Skip the tumble dryer and get a 210cm wide clothesline for your home, not only do you get to save tons on energy cost but also prolong the life of your garments with significantly reduced wear and

  • 1.9m Wide Clotheslines

    Need a space saving 1.9m clothesline? We have the best Australian-made fold down clotheslines which are reliable and affordable! View the video below to know more about the range of colours, widths,

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    Searching for the most popular 2.1m clothesline? We can definitely help you out with that! We have the finest range of 2.1m wide clotheslines suitable for any Australian home, take a look at the

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    Are you searching for the top 2m clothesline we recommend? Let us help you do just that! We have the some of the most durable Australian-made fold down clotheslines which are designed to last! View

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    If you are not sure which 200cm wide clothesline is the best one for your home, let our experts here at Lifestyle Clotheslines help you do just that! 200cm wide clotheslines are not available

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    Getting the right 190cm wide clothesline wide clothesline for your small laundry drying space has just gotten a lot easier, let us show you our favourite model for this kind of spacing including the

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    Finding the right 220cm wide clothesline for your home can be quite a challenge mostly when aesthetics is high up on your list, good thing we have amazing clothesline recommendations that come in a

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    If you are searching for expert recommended 50cm clothesline products available in Australia, Lifestyle Clotheslines is the best choice when it comes to all of your energy saving and eco-friendly

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    For the most recommended 0.5m clothesline products available in Australia today, please checkout the video below which covers the best brands, mounting options and colours for this unique clothesline

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    Browse our most popular 0.8m clothesline models and brands available in Australia today, check out the video guide we have included below to know more! We have included the best brands of 0.8m

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    Searching for the right 110cm clotheslines for your home? Lifestyle Clotheslines has a vast portfolio of fold-down clotheslines that will perfectly fit a 110cm space inside or outside of your home.

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    Need a new clothesline but have limited space? Lifestyle Clotheslines has a wide array of 70cm clothesline that will perfectly fit even the narrowest space in or out your home! We only carry brands

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    Looking for a new 60cm clothesline for your home? We have the best range of clothesline products available in Australia today, from ultra space-saving models to large format fold-downs, we've got you

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    Finding the right 100cm clothesline shouldn't be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack given the plethora of clotheslines being introduced in the market every now and then. That is why we at

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    Lifestyle Clotheslines offers a great range of 80cm clothesline that may be small but does not skimp on aesthetics and quality so keep reading on to find out which are our top picks for clotheslines

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    We know that you want to get a new 90cm clothesline or perhaps replace an old one, well it's a great thing that you ended up here because we have a slew of amazingly reliable and long lasting

  • I have a cement path down the side of my house, yet not enough wall space to wall mount a fold down clothesline. Is there another option that will allow me to utilise this space?

    Yes, you can. Austral manufactures Foldown Ground Mount Kits and Retractable Posts with welded metal base plates. These plated kits are pre-drilled and powdercoated for direct fixing onto cement slabs