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Clothesline Installation on Hebel Wall

We get alot of questions around "Can I install my clothesline on a Hebel wall" 

Below is what Hebel state on their website when attaching a clothesline to a Hebel surface.

Option 1.

"To attach a clothes line, light duty gate or similar to Hebel Block Walls, use a Ramset Ramplug (DNP12 12mm diameter 60mm length for a max load of 20kg) or Tox-Ytox plug (12/60 12mm diameter 60mm length)"

clothesline installation on hebel wall

Option 2.

We have had a number of customers who have used this type of fixing for attaching their clothesline to a Hebel surface without any issues.

Fixing: Fischer Aircrete anchor GB 8 - available from Tradepro Hardware

Fischer Aircrete anchor GB 8

You can find out more on Hebel clothesline installation here on the Hebel website  http://hebel.com.au/working-with-hebel

Our Recommendations for Hebel Clothesline Installations

In our years on working with clothesline and washing line installation, the new Hebel product is not a particularly good surface for installing clothesline to.

What we recommend is that the clothesline be installed independently of any Hebel wall surface, either by using clothesline ground mount kits or posts, depending on the style of clothesline.

Hebel is great for building with, but not good for fixing clotheslines to.

Its is of course totally up to you on how you want to mount your new clothesline, so this is just our recommendations with installing clotheslines for many years throughout Australia.

If you need help with installation of your clothesline onto surfaces other than Hebel, please view our clothesline supply and installation page for more information.

Clothesline Installation on Hebel Wall

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