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Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012 Product Video

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline

The  Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline is the larger one of the two Hills Everyday folding rotary clotheslines. This model just comes in the Norfolk Pine colour, which is the dark green colour.

There's a simple latch release button, just where the arms attach to the clothesline. When you want to remove your clothesline, you simply fold up the arms just by pushing on that latch button, which will release the locking mechanism and the arms will simply fold up right.

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012

This product does come equipped with line clips that will keep all the lines in place and just keep it nice and neat and tidy. The frame is made from a galvanized steel tubing with the green powder-coated finish. It has a very simple windup handle for raising and lowering the clothesline. It's a very easy, simple operation and very light to use as well.

So, as with all folding rotary clotheslines, they do come with a ground socket to make the clothesline removable. This is exposing the socket and the clothesline simply locates with that pin into the socket, and then the locking collar at the top just simply clicks into place into the top of the socket once you've installed it. 

The coat hanger hooks on the end of each arm allow you to hang up your business shirts on coat hangers as well.

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012

Everyday Rotary 47 Specs

  • Head Diameter: 3.6 metres
  • Space Recommended: 4.6 metres
  • Total Line Space: 47 metres
  • Number of Lines: 7
  • Suits: 3 to 5 People
  • Colour Options: Norfolk Pine only
  • Outside Line Length: 2.5 metres
  • Ground Socket Included: Yes
  • Optional Clothesline Cover: Yes, 3.6 metres
  • Fits King Size Sheets: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 Years

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012

It is always recommend to allow an extra metre on top of the head diameter, so if you can allow a space of 4.6 meters for this particular model, this will just give some clearance all the way around the clothesline so the unit can rotate freely without any interference.

This model has a total line space of 47 metres from its 7 lines. The outside line is approximately two and a half meters long, which is a good size for queen-sized sheets, but you can also fit king-sized sheets if needed, they just need to be folded over a little bit at the ends.

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012

All folding rotary clotheslines do come with a ground socket, which will make it completely removable. As with all Hills outdoor clothesline products, they are backed by their 10-year warranty. This large model does suit a medium to large-sized family of three to five people.

The ground socket is about 500 millimeters long, so you'll need to dig a hole of approximately 600 millimeters and just fit that socket into the ground with a bit of quick-set cement.

This also comes with height adjusters or spacers, so once you've actually installed your socket and you pop the clothesline post into the ground. If you find that the height is still a little bit low, you can pop one or more of those spacers into the socket and then put the clothesline post back in and that'll raise the height of the clothesline.

Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012

This model also has a suitable cover to go with it. You'll find there is an optional cover to add to your order with your brand-new clothesline on the product page, or you can go to our covers category on the website, just simply select the 3.6-metre size option and that's the cover that's suited best to the Everyday Rotary 47 clothesline.

As with all clotheslines at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do back our products with a 100-day happiness guarantee, so if you're not completely satisfied, just let us know.

If you need to know anything else about this particular model or any of our other clothesline products, please just send us an email or give us a quick call on 1300 798 779 and we'll speak to you then. Thanks for stopping by Lifestyle Clotheslines.

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Hills Everyday Rotary 47 Clothesline FD88012 Product Video

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