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Indoor Clothesline

Indoor Clothesline

Top 9 Best Options for Washing and Drying Laundry Indoors

Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

The Number One option when it comes to getting your clothes dry indoors would be the Hills Portable 170 Clothesline. This is an amazingly versatile clothesline that holds all sorts of sheet sizes, towels, clothes, laundry and washing of all shapes and sizes. It's just a really portable, great clothesline. We've got over 200 reviews of this product on our website, so if you want some more feedback you can check it out. This is certainly the very best one you could look at as far as capacity and portability go.

Indoor Clothesline - Hills Portable 170 Clothesline

Austral Indoor Outdoor Clothesline

Number Two would be the wall-mounted Austral Indoor Outdoor Clothesline. This line can be used both indoors and outdoors, and is ideally suited to laundry rooms or dry rooms. It is a great little compact unit that folds flat to the wall if you don't need it and is ideally suited to indoor use.

Indoor Clothesline - Austral Indoor Outdoor Clothesline

Hills Simplicity Ultra Airer

Number Three would be the Hills Simplicity Ultra Airer. There is a lot of capacity on this really portable line that is a lightweight clothes airer. It's great for indoor drying of smaller laundry items. You can also use it for hanging coat hangers on with your washing on those hangers, and it may be used in many configurations.

Indoor Clothesline - Hills Simplicity Ultra Airer

Hills Supa Fold Mini Clothesline

Number Four is the Hills Supa Fold Mini Clothesline. Again, it's similar to the Austral Indoor Outdoor, but this one is from Hills. It's great compact line for smaller areas, and is ideal for drying rooms and laundry areas.

Indoor Clothesline - Hills Supa Fold Mini Clothesline

Teleskop Prestige Clothes Airer

Number Five is the Teleskop Prestige Clothes Airer. It's compact concertina type of line with solid rods and is really handy for those smaller drying solutions.

Indoor Clothesline - Teleskop Prestige Clothes Airer

Brabantia Retractable Clothesline

Number Six is the first of our retractable style lines. This is the Brabantia Retractable Clothesline. This five line unit is ideally suited for indoor use. It extends just over four meters, and is really useful as a line for an indoor drying space during the winter months.

Indoor Clothesline - Brabantia Retractable Clothesline

Hills Finesse Trio Airer

Number Seven is Hills Finesse Trio Clothes Airer. This is a very versatile airer, and you can use it in a number of different set-ups and situations. Some of the panels can be folded down so you can hang longer items as well. It does hold a lot of space, and may be easily moved around your home.

Indoor Clothesline - Hills Finesse Trio Airer

Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer

Number Eight is the first of our ceiling airer ones. This is our most popular model: the Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer. It is really useful for utilising your home's heating to dry clothes towards the ceiling. Once it's installed, you don't notice it up in the ceiling, particularly if you've got high ceilings. It is a really useful way of drying washing indoors pretty much all year round and particularly during the winter months.

Indoor Clothesline - Six Lath Supreme Ceiling Airer

AirAus Ceiling Airer

The last of our airers in the Top Nine pick is the  Airaus Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer. This one has an individual rod system so you lower one rod down at a time, hold your washing on it, and then pull it back up to the ceiling and lock it off. This unit utilises your home's heating and warmth during those colder months, so you're not running that expensive dryer. So if you're looking for a compact indoor clothes airer, this is a really good solution to consider.

Indoor Clothesline - Airaus Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer

This is a selection of some of the indoor clotheslines that we stock, however you can certainly find more products at  www.LifestyleClotheslines.com.au. If you need any further assistance or need to speak to one of our expert sales staff, please feel free to give us a call 1300 798 779. Thank you.

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Indoor Clothesline

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