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How to Install your Hills Supa Fold Clothesline

How to Install your Hills Supa Fold Clothesline

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Install Your Hills Supa Fold Clothesline

The following instructions relate directly to the installation of the Hills Supa Fold  Mono clothesline, which is extremely similar to the installation of the Supa Fold Long LineDuoCompact and Mini. Each of these units may be installed on a wall or with a post kit.

The Hills Mono single frame clothesline kit includes the front spreader bar, left and right hand arms, two wall brackets, the clothesline and two elbows.

This is a wall mounted installation, and the guider bolt holes will need to be marked 50mm above the user's head and 2.2 metres apart.

To install the wall bracket to the wall, first remove the cover from the bracket. Place the guider bolt into the wall bracket and then place in the hole. Check the wall bracket for square and then tighten up the guider bolt. Use the bracket to mark the bottom hole.

How to Install your Hills Supa Fold Clothesline

Remove the screws from the spreader bar. Insert the spreader joiner into the bar and tap it down. Make sure the holes line up. Secure the joiner with a bolt and then insert the remaining bar. Secure the handle to the spreader bar with the two bolts. Remove the cap from the elbow. Place the elbow in the spreader bar and tighten with the Allen key.

Place the arms in the wall bracket and tighten the bolt.

To install the front bar, place the elbow into the side bracket and tighten. Replace the cap on the elbow joint until it clicks. Thread the cord into the fastener and replace the cap. To thread the cord, commence on the opposite side to the saddle and pass it through the sleeve.

To tie off, pass the cord through the fastener, twist it and then replace the cap.

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How to Install your Hills Supa Fold Clothesline

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