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Austral Super 5 Rotary Clothesline Product Video

Austral Super 5 Fixed Rotary Clothesline

The  Austral Super 5 is one of our very popular Austral products in the fixed-head rotary clothesline range.

Austral Super 5 Rotary Clothesline

Super 5 Specs

  • Head Diameter: 5m
  • Recommended Space: 6m
  • Total Line Space: 50m
  • Number of Lines: 6
  • Line Spacing: 300 to 430mm
  • Outside Line: 3.5m

You can also get a  Rotary Cover for the Super 5 clothesline. You'll find on the product page, there's an option to add a waterproof cover to the clothesline. You can also order those covers separately via the covers category page. These covers add a bit of versatility, offering really good shade and protection from the rain for your clothes and bird droppings.

Austral Super 5 Rotary Clothesline Cover

This clothesline has a diameter across of five metres. We do recommend allowing an extra metre of space so if you can map out a six metre span, this will just give a bit of room around the clothesline so it can rotate freely without any interference.

The Super 5 does have a total line space of 50 metres, so that's a huge amount of hanging space from six lines. The line spacings do vary from the inner to the outer lines from 330 millimeters up to 430 millimeters. The outside line length is approximately three and a half metres long, so it's a very long outside line and is perfectly suited for the queen or king sized sheets.

The framework is manufactured from full galvanized steel tubing with galvanized steel wire. It has a cast aluminum crank case and steel handle with internal plastic gearing, which is backed by Austral's 10 year warranty. Of course, this model is perfectly suited for the larger family.

Austral Super 5 Rotary Clothesline

If you're not completely satisfied with your product though, Lifestyle Clotheslines has their 100 day happiness guarantee, so just let us know and we'll take care of that for you.

If you need any more information about the Austral Super Rotary Range, just send us an email or give us a call on 1300 798 779. Thanks for stopping by Lifestyle Clotheslines.

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Austral Super 5 Rotary Clothesline Product Video

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