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Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline FD88002 Product Video

Hills Rotary 7 Premium Folding-Head Rotary Clothesline

The Hills Rotary 7 model, also known as the Hills Extra Large Iconic Rotary Hoist Clothesline, is the midsized model in the Hills premium folding-head rotary range. There are three different sizes in the range:  Rotary 6Rotary 7Rotary 8. This premium rotary range has special features. 

This comes with a line retainer cord, so when the clothesline is folded up, you simply pull that cord out from the center post and wrap the cord around the arms when they're upright. This then clips into place to keep the arms nice and neat in the upright position.

Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline FD88002 Product Video


  • Nice, neat finish
  • Available in Ocean Breeze; blue colour, and Forest Glade; green color
  • Line retainers built into the arms with caps to maintain tidy and retained finish
  • Coat hanger hooks on the ends of the arms give extra hanging space
  • Very ergonomically designed product

The handle is a nice finish to the product with very easy operation and very light winding. This is a very easy product to operate to just raise the clothesline up and down.

Rotary 7 Specs

  • Head Diameter: 3.6 metres
  • Space Recommended: 4.6 metres; Extra metre on top of head diameter allows line to rotate freely without interference and room for sheets and towels to flap in the breeze
  • Number of Lines: 7
  • Line Space: 47 metres
  • Outside Line: 2.5 metres
  • Fits Queen Size Sheets: Yes
  • Ground Socket Included: Yes
  • Removable from Ground: Yes
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Suits: 3 to 4 people
  • Suitable Cover: 3.6 metre

Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline FD88002 Product Video

This is a side shot showing you the locking collar that comes with the ground socket. Once the clothesline has been inserted into the ground socket, the collar simply drops onto the top of the socket and locks into place, keeping the post in the correct position. As you can see, the socket and then the collar going in towards the socket there. 

Once it goes down to the bottom, it just simply clicks into place. The socket is approximately 500mm long. You just need to dig a hole about 600 to 650 mm deep, insert the socket into the hole, and then cement it into the ground.

Hills Rotary 7 Clothesline Product Video

The sockets come with three spacers. If the height of the clothesline is a little bit low once you've inserted it into the socket, just pull the post back out again and insert one or more of those spacers just to increase the height of the clothesline when it is in the lowered position.

You'll find there is an optional cover to add to your order for new clotheslines. You can simply add that straight into your shopping cart. The covers are a fantastic idea. They give you great shade in your backyard plus it is a completely waterproof material, so it will protect your clothes from the rain allowing them to dry even during the colder winter months. 

Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline Cover

You'll find the drying efficiency is excellent and it does stop any sort of staining from outside sources like bird droppings or bat droppings. You can also order these covers via our covers category on the website. Just look for the 3.6 metre size option, which suits the Hills Rotary 7 clothesline.

Want to add a set of pegs for your new clothesline as well? Hills do make a fantastic range of pegs to go with their new clotheslines. They're very high-quality pegs which also include a stainless steel spring for durability.

Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline FD88002 Product Video

As with all of our models here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, our clothesline products are backed with our 100-day happiness guarantee. So if you're not completely satisfied, just let us know and we'll take care of that for you.

If you need any more information about the Hills Rotary 7 or any of our other products, please let us know. Just send us a quick email or give us a call on 1300 798 779. Thanks for stopping by at Lifestyle Clotheslines.

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Hills Rotary 7 Foldown Clothesline FD88002 Product Video

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