What Does Area Required Or Space Recommended Mean?

What Does Area Required Actually Mean?

So quite often people go to our website, look at the  Fold Down and Wall Mount Clothesline category and find a specification that says "area required" or "space recommended." Generally, these people don't know what that actually means. So, what does area required or space recommended mean?

Essentially, it's just allowing a bit of room around the folding frame clothesline so you've got room to operate the clothesline and move it up and down freely if you want to fold it down. Generally, we recommend allowing about 5 to 10 cm on either side of the clothesline, side to side. In front of the clothesline, try to allow about half a metre of space if you can. 

This will just allow you to stand in front of the clothesline and fold it up and down. You don't have to have that half a metre, but it just gives you that bit of room to do it.

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What Does Area Required Or Space Recommended Mean?

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