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Hills Hoist Won't Wind Up

Are You Finding Your Hills Hoist Won't Wind Up?

hills hoist spare parts

Well, there could be a number of different reasons for why your Hills Hoist won't wind up. 

1. Rusted Stabiliser Plug

The most common problem with a  Hills Clothes Hoist not winding up is the stabilizer plug at the bottom of the secondary standard post has rusted out. If you can still wind the handle up or down and the hoist won't raise or even it will raise up and then drop suddenly, this is most likely the problem. When this part is rusted the worm drive has nothing to push against to raise the hoist.

Hills Hoist Won't Wind Up Rusted Stabiliser Plug

You can obtain this plug by purchasing either the  Hills Repair Kit which includes all internal gearing inc. the stabiliser plug(you will need a welder to attach the new plug to the secondary post) or you can purchase a new Secondary Standard Post which has a new plug already welded to the bottom of the post.

2. Broken Internal Gears

It could be that an internal gear might have broken, usually if this is the case the handle will probably be stiff to turn or won't turn at all.

Hills Hoist Won't Wind Up Broken Gears

Hills Hoist Repair Kit

You can obtain the gears by purchasing the  Hills Repair Kit. See image above.

If you are not sure though, and you need to know a bit more about that or need some advice or help with that, just give us a call on 1300 798 779 and we will see if we can help you out there or simply visit us right here at  www.LifestyleClotheslines.com.au.

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hills hoist spare parts

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