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What Is The Difference Between The Hills Hoist And Austral Hoist?

Are There Any Differences Between The Hills And Austral Hoist Models?

Well look, these products are very, very similar. However, the Hills model, in particular the  Hills Heritage range, has a few little differences that just make it a little bit more heavy-duty.

You'll find with the  Hills and the Austral units, they're both made from galvanized steel. These products each have a full galvanized steel frame with galvanized steel wire and also an aluminum crank case with a steel handle.

The main difference really comes down to the arm construction. The  Austral models have holes punched into the arms and the wire passes through these holes, whereas the Hills Heritage models have steel loops or staples on top of the arms, so there is a minimal amount of holes punched into those galvanized steel tubes. So, generally, you'll find that the Heritage Models are just slightly the better overall quality model.

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What Is The Difference Between The Hills Hoist And Austral Hoist?

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