How Much Space Do I Need For My Fixed Rotary Hills Hoist Clothesline?

How Much Space Is Needed For My Fixed Rotary Or Hills Hoist Type Clothesline?

Generally, as a rule of thumb, we say allow an extra metre on top of the size of the clothesline to allow a  clothes hoist to function efficiently.

For example, if you are looking at the  5-metre head diameter clothesline, you'll want to allow yourself about 6 metres of space. This just gives an extra half a metre all the way around the clothesline for better clearance, because when it is turning around in the breeze, you don't want the clothesline hitting up against fences or trees and interfering its rotation.

The rotation of these  rotary clotheslines is really important for the drying of the clothes, and makes it much more efficient. So just allow that extra metre in addition to the size of the actual head diameter of the Hills Hoist clothesline.

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