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How Do Clothesline Covers Attach To Foldown Or Rotary Clotheslines?

How Do The Clothesline Covers Actually Attach To The Clothesline?

Well, the majority of them generally tie onto the clothesline.

If you're looking at one of the  fold down or folding frame clothesline covers, they essentially tie on at the two back corners of your frame and then velcro in front. You do get a bar that goes across the middle of the clothesline, which you simply attach on either side of the frame with thumbscrews so no tools are required to attach that sort of cover.

The Rotary Clothes Line Covers are a very similar product, and they essentially just tie on to the clothesline. 

Now the waterproof rotary clothesline cover actually comes equipped with flexible tent poles. These poles simply loop through underneath the cover, and then you just lay the cover at the top of the clothesline and then tie it on. It's really easy to do. Sometimes one or even two people might even make it a bit easier to do.

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Questions About Attaching Covers To Foldown And Rotary Clotheslines?

How Do Clothesline Covers Attach To Foldown Or Rotary Clotheslines?

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