Clothesline Installation Brisbane?

For clothesline installation services in Brisbane, Lifestyle Clotheslines has everything you need with highly-experienced installers located all throughout the various regions of Brisbane!! We also have an extensive range of clothesline products, such as the Hills Hoist model, which are available to be installed within your home. We provide Clothesline Installation Brisbane.

At Lifestyle Clotheslines, our high-quality clothesline units are well-known throughout Australia for their long-lasting, durable nature. These products are conveniently available for delivery and installation within your Brisbane home, and include:

  • Both fixed and folding rotary models
  • Hills, Austral and Eco units
  • Rotary, retractable, fold down, portable, ceiling style lines in stock - variety ensures you find a suitable line

Map of the Brisbane area covered for clothesline installations

Clothesline Installation Brisbane

Regions in the Brisbane area we service are:

Inner Suburbs
Northern Suburbs
Southern Suburbs
Eastern Suburbs

Western Suburbs
Logan City

Our Top 7 Clothesline Recommendations for Brisbane residents 

  1. Hills Rotary 7 - Takes care of all of your drying needs with lots of line space
  2. Hills Portable 170 - Makes the drying of clothes a breeze
  3. Austral Super 5 - Wide line spacing allows extra speedy clothes drying
  4. Hills Supa Fold Duo - Option of two gorgeous colours; Pebble Beach or Midnight Sky
  5. Hills Slim Retracting 4 - Ideal for any home space, whether it be an apartment or a family home
  6. Austral Indoor Outdoor - Boasts lots of line space in a small, yet compact unit
  7. Versaline Slimline - Brilliantly designed unit with 4 lines allowing use in narrow areas

If you need any further assistance in choosing the right clothesline or washing line for your needs or for Clothesline Installation Brisbane, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1300 798 779 or use the "Contact Us" link below to use our contact form.

Clothesline Installation Brisbane?

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