Hills Clearance Centre Brendale QLD

Hills Clearance Centre Brendale was located at 250 Leitchs Road, Brendale QLD 4500  and at the time it was open to the general public you could buy most Hills products there including Hills clotheslines, Hills washing lines, Hills ironing boards, plus Hills clothesline spare parts for your Hills Hoist out in the backyard.

In 2013 and early 2014 Hills Industries Pty Ltd closed the Hills clearance centre in Brendale, Brisbane due to Hills restructuring and cost saving initiatives, and have not opened any new retail, discount or factory outlets.

You can find all  Hills clotheslines in Brisbane here at Lifestyle Clotheslines.

hills clearance centre brendale

For all Non-Clothesline related Hills products in Brisbane

hills clearance centre brendale qld


More info on the closure of the Hills clearance centre in Brendale, Brisbane QLD -  http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/business/sa-business-journal/sa-based-hills-industries-to-shut-six-clearance-centres-across-australia/story-e6fredel-1226535618240

Hills Main Website -   http://www.Hills.com.au

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