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Can I Install a Clothesline on my Timber Fence?

It is possible to attach a clothesline to a timber fence, but it is something that we do not recommend.

If the timber fence posts are new and strong plus cemented correctly into the ground, it can be a viable option.

There are a number of issues and things to consider when thinking about installing a clothesline on a timber fence such as,

  • Weight of the clothesline and wet washing on the timber fence frame
  • The clothesline can pull the fence over in the installation area over time due to weight in one spot
  • Clothesline needs to line up to timber fence uprights(sometimes this is not possible)
  • Cranky neighbours when your fence falls over

What we recommend instead of installing the clothesline directly onto the timber fence,

  • Use a free standing ground mount kit to install the clothesline just in front of the fence
  • This allows no weight onto the fence itself and the clothesline is securely supported by steel posts at all times giving you a long, trouble free lifetime for the installed clothesline.

Image below is a ground mount kit for installing into soil areas.

clothesline timber fence

Image below is a free standing ground mount kit for level concrete areas

clothesline timber fence installation

If you need any further help in deciding what is the best solution for your timber fence situation please feel free to call us on 1300 798 779 and discuss your needs with us.

Can I Install a Clothesline on my Timber Fence?

For more information please visit this link for  Clothesline Installation help and advice

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