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If you are looking for custom made clotheslines and the best models in Australia today, you need to look no further than the range of clotheslines from City Living Clotheslines. 

They are truly the only custom made clotheslines, or made to order clothesline brand still available in Australia. 

You have the choice of up to 35 colors and a range of different sizes and options. They make a  range of wall mounted clotheslines plus one portable clothesline as well. And today we're just going to look at the top three models. They have some long narrow ones plus some other great ones that you can use in many different situations. Plus they also have a stainless steel model that is great for if you live by the ocean and really need that protection of a stainless steel model.  

custom made clotheslines

The first one we're going to look at though today, is called the Urban 3000. This model is three meters long and is available in a range of depth sizes. So the depth option is how far out from the wall it comes. If we just look at some of the color options. You're going to be at 35 color options to choose from on this one. 

Popular Colours

Some of the popular ones would be Woodland Grey is a very popular one. Monument, Paperbark, Classic Cream and Dune would be some of the more popular ones. But any of these 35 colors you see here are great for trying to match them to what your home color scheme may be.

So as I said, the 3000 is three meters long. You can get it in a range of depth sizes from half a meter, so 500 mm out to 1.5 m. And you can also get a low line attachment, which is another option for this particular model. 

custom made clotheslines australia

Free Standing Option

If you can't mount the clothesline to a wall, you can get what's called a standard ground mounting kit which goes into your grass. The ground mount kit comes with these two legs and a bar here for the back. Then you just concrete that into the ground. If you need help with that, we do have an installation service in most metros areas in Australia. We can help you with that as well.  

custom made clotheslines freestanding

You can also get a plated ground mount kit. So basically it's the same sort of plated ground mount kit, but with little plates folded on the bottom. What these do, is allow that if you have a concrete slab area, you can actually bolt these straight to your concrete slab without having to cut any holes through the concrete to put the normal legs through. 

custom made clotheslines concrete slab installation

City Living brands all steel construction. They don't have any plastic parts anywhere other than the polycore line which is a standard across all models. As you can see, it's all steel construction. Galvabond steel. This is showing with what's called a low line attachment. With that low line attachment you can actually drop it down and have your main frame up. Or you can also have them both down like that as well. So it's a really handy attachment. Particularly for narrow areas where you're really trying to maximize your line space in a very narrow area.

As I said before, you can get it in a range of different sizes, depth options. So 500, 600, right up to sort of 1500 in different line configurations. So depending on the size you want. It will depend on the number of lines you get. So as you can see here, you can get a number of different lines. And with that low line attachment you get an extra three lines. So over the tree meter length it is an extra nine meters of line.

This is a couple of images of showing it where they've been installed in certain situations. So this is using the ground mount kit, but bolted to a retaining wall. That's one option; you can use it as well. This is another one showing one with the low line option attached and again free standing. 

Handy Waterproof Cover

Covers are a great option to put on your clothesline to help keep the washing dry. Particular during the winter months when it's a bit more weather. So if you're looking for that sort of thing, it's a great option to add to your line as well.  

custom made clothesline with waterproof cover

So after the 3000 model we have the 2400 model. Again, this is a custom made clothesline in the same color options as before. So yeah, you can pretty much match them to whatever you want. Again this one's 2.4 m wide. And then there's also another one that has different sort of depth options as well. 

All Steel Construction

As you can see, all steel construction. Particularly in the corners. Some other models have plastic corners which can be an issue later on down the track. But all City Living is Australian made clotheslines and all steel construction. They fold flat to the wall as well if you don't need them up for any reason.

custom made clotheslines steel construction

The third of the models from City Living that are all these custom made clotheslines, is one called the Urban Bi Fold. So the Bi Fold has twin frames. So you can have half of the lineup depending on what your needs are for that day. So you can see here, it has two frames. One smaller frame which is inside the bigger frame.

So depending on what your dry needs are, you can the small frame down like it's shown here, and the big one up. Or you can have both down, or the big one down and the little one up. Or you can also have them both down. Again you can see the quality of all the steel here. These are great products and really high quality with all steel corners and construction.

Again a cover is a handy option for any of these clotheslines. So they just help through those winter months. 

So that's pretty much it, looking at the range of custom made clotheslines. City Living are the best brand in Australia when it comes to custom made clotheslines or made to order clotheslines. You can also get any depth. You can get around one of those depth options, or as far as width goes as well. If you wanted something that is less than the standard, we can also customize those in the factory before it comes out. So for example, if you wanted the 2400 line down to something like 1800 or 1900, we can actually modify that in the factory before it comes out. Also same with the 300 and pretty much any of the City Living brands.

So if you need any further help, please feel free to give us a call at Lifestyle clotheslines or visit our website at www.lifestyleclotheslines.com.au.

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