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Hills Hoist Handle - Where to Buy Replacement?

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You can find all Hills Hoist replacement handle models under the Hills clothesline spare parts section at Lifestyle Clotheslines.

Hills make a number of rotary clothesline replacement handles for all of the current modern rotary clotheslines, plus many of the older, traditional rotary clotheslines and washing lines, plus the galvanised clothes hoists.

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If your Hills clothesline handle looks like this we can help! 

hills hoist handle

Replacement Clothesline Handles for Hills Traditional and Supa A models

The most common Hills Hoist replacement handle that we supply is this black plastic model that has the old part number of  FD902926 and also 2645935.

This multi-fit Hills clothesline handle fits these models;

  • Hills Foldaline
  • Hills Dry Master
  • Hills Quick Dry
  • Hills Courtyard Compact
  • Hills Villa Everyday
  • Hills Traditional
  • Frazer rotary 
  • Sentinel
  • Supa A5 hoist
  • Supa A4 hoist

hills hoist handle replacement

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Modern Hills Folding Rotary Handles

Hills modern rotary clotheslines have a handle that is slightly different to the other black handle as this model is for the premium range of Hills rotary washing lines and clothes lines.

Old Hills part numbers include  FD903535, 100637 and new numbers of 3692936.

This handle suits these Hills rotary clothesline models;

  • Hills Rotary 400
  • Hills Rotary 450
  • Hills Rotary 500
  • Hills Rotary 8
  • Hills Rotary 7
  • Hills Rotary 6

hills hoist rotary clothesline handle

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Hills Hoist Handle - Where to Buy Replacement?

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Note: Replacement Hills Hoist Handles are NOT available in Bunnings

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