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Clotheslines for Small Spaces

We get asked alot what are the best clotheslines for small spaces, so today we're looking at the clotheslines, washing lines and clothes airer for small spaces, and what are the best options for drying your washing and laundry in the small areas around your home. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines also supports clothes lines that are made and manufactured in Australia, which includes the brands of Eco clotheslines, Austral, Versaline, Evolution and Ecodry.

In this article we cover;

The Best Clotheslines for Small Wall Spaces 

clotheslines for small spaces wall mounted

Often the wall areas are pretty common space that people have excess room and they would like to put a clothesline on there. 

1. The number one line for that area at the moment that we recommend would be the Austral Indoor Outdoor Clothesline

This is a great small clothesline that's ideal for either laundry room areas as pictured here, or it can be used outdoors as well. It's only available in a white color but certainly one of our top selling models and ideal for the smaller wall stations.

clotheslines for small spaces

2. Number two we'll be looking at the Brabantia WallFix

This is a unique line that's sort of a style on a rotary line but it's actually wall mounted, folds completely back up into a unit on the wall. Huge amount of line space for what it actually is, and really good for small, compact areas as you can see.

clotheslines for small spaces 2

3. Number three would be the Eco 240 Clothesline. 

This is a three meter long line and I've included this one because it can be used in long, skinny, narrow areas. 

Often these are down the pathways or down the side of the house and you can get this one from 600 mm depth options, which is out from the wall to about 1500mm. 

So if you've sort of got long, narrow, skinny areas, this is an ideal line to check out and see if it's going to be the best solution.

4. Number four we'll be looking at the Hills Supa Fold Mini

Again this is one from Hills, which is great for those small areas of the indoor laundry situations or smaller areas on your wall. 

clotheslines for small spaces 4

5. Number five would be the Versaline Broadline. 

This is a very unique line as it doesn't have any hard bars across the front. So once you set the in-bars and the brackets you can set this line at whatever distance you want apart. 

So it could be 1 meter, it could be up to 5 meters. So it's a really handy unit to maximize whatever wall space you've got. This Versaline Broadline unit also has 6 lines; there is a smaller one that's called the Slimline that has 4 lines. But for those smaller areas, again, we need to set a specific distance this is a great one for that.

clotheslines for small spaces 5

Best Rotary Clotheslines for Small Spaces

rotary clotheslines for small spaces

1. Number one rank is the Hills Rotary 6.

This is a great line that's only 2.9 meters in head diameter so it's a very small head space line. Great for one to two people in small courtyard areas or small townhouse situations as well. 

It's available in Ocean Breeze, which is the color pictured there in the image, or also a Forest Glade which like a green colour.

clotheslines for small spaces 6

2. Number two is the Austral Foldaway 45

Slightly bigger than the other HIlls Rotary 6, this unit is also very handy for those smaller areas. With a head diameter of 3.3m its also very compact, and completely folds away if you want to take it out. 

Available in the three colours of Classic Cream, Woodland Grey, and Heritage Green. Plus you can also add some handy extras to it, things like that basket holder there's an optional extra you can add to your line. Just makes hanging out the washing there a little bit easier.

clotheslines for small spaces 7

3. Number three when it comes to the compact rotaries is the Hills Everyday 37

The 37 has a head diameter of 3.2. Great budget line from Hills. Really useful for those small areas, again one that folds away. So if you're having a party or something like that you can take it out and put it in the shed.

clotheslines for small spaces 8

Best Retractable Clotheslines for Small Spaces

retractable clotheslines for small spaces

1. Number 1 would be the Hills Slim 4.

Relatively new model from Hills. They've engineered it so it's very narrow unit but still beautifully functions well. This one has four lines; you can actually get a slightly bigger model that has six. 

When it comes to small areas and compact situations this Slim 4 is perfect. A lot of people don't even know it is a clothesline when it's on the wall.

retractable clotheslines for small spaces 2

2. Number two is the Austral Retractaway 40

This is a great five line unit from Austral, which is an Australian made retractable clothesline. It can go out to 8 meters this particular unit. 

Colour choices include Woodland Grey and Heritage Green, or Classic Cream. Five lines and yet a really solid unit, steel construction.

retractable clotheslines for small spaces 3

3. Number three we'll be looking at the Teleskop Prestige. 

Again this is a wall mounted one, unit that pulls out from the wall. Has a number of rods there for drying your lines. Again ideal for those smaller areas and bathroom or laundry situations.

retractable clotheslines for small spaces 4

4. Number four we'll be looking at the Hills Cordomatic

This is just a single line retractable. The difference with this one is it can go up to 15 meters in length, so that's a very long length of line for particular size unit. 

So if you're just looking for a single line unit with a long length extension this is an ideal model for those sort of areas. 

retractable clotheslines for small spaces 5

5. Last one in the Retractable's is the Brabantia Retractable.

Again this is a small five line unit. Can go out to just over 4 meters. For indoor use only, this one. But also really handy for using it indoors or perhaps in the garage or laundry. 

Over those winter months as well if you're looking for a sort of second solution for indoor drying.

retractable clotheslines for small spaces 6

Best Portable Clotheslines for Small Spaces

portable clotheslines for small spaces

1. Number one would be the Hills Portable 170

This is one of our top selling units. Just so versatile all around all areas of the house. Ideal for balcony areas, compact courtyards. The beauty with this one is that you can get big items on it, things like sheets and towels. 

People just love that. It also has a range of coat hanger hooks at the end of the arms and then the frame legs. So you can hang some coat hangers on there. But just the amount of washing you can get on this particular unit makes it so popular. And it's versatility to be moved indoors or outdoors, all around your home. 

portable clotheslines for small spaces 2

2. Number two the Simplicity Ultra from Hills.

Again, one that sort of folds out in many different configurations. Again holds a lot of washing and laundry. And ideal for those smaller areas. More-so an indoor area, this one, but can be taken outside on sunny days if you want to get that sun onto your clothes.

portable clotheslines for small spaces 3

3. Lastly for the portable ones is the Hills Finesse Trio. 

More of your traditional tower style era. You can fold some of these sections down to hang longer items on, but this one is certainly one of the more popular ones. All on casters as well, so easy to move all around those areas of your home.

portable clotheslines for small spaces 4

Best Ceiling Mounted Clotheslines for Small Areas

ceiling mounted clotheslines for small spaces

1. Ceiling areas are more popular these days in Australia so certainly the Six Lath Supreme is the top selling model that we have at Lifestyle Clotheslines. 

With six laths, anywhere from up to about 2.4 metres in length, this really popular model covers many different situations indoors in your home, and as long as you can get the fixing pulleys into the ceiling, great solution for indoor drying in the winter, or all year round in fact.

best ceiling clotheslines for small spaces

2. Number two is the Airaus Airer. 

Again, slightly different style. Number of rod lengths you can get with this one but all individual pulleys, individual rods so you can lower them one down at a time, load up your washing, and then hook them back up to the ceiling. 

ceiling clothes airers for small spaces

If you need any more information on any products, particularly anything from around these clotheslines for small spaces give us a call at Lifestyle Clotheslines on 1300 798 779.

Or you can visit our website there at  www.LifestyleClotheslines.com.au for more information. We've got a team of dedicated staff that can help with any of your clothesline or laundry drying questions. 

So if you do have any questions, please feel free to give us a buzz. We're here to help.

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Clotheslines for Small Spaces

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