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Hills Hoist Prices

If you are looking at  Hills Hoist prices they do vary depending on the size of Hills Hoist you need and the model.

hills hoist prices

Hills are still the leading brand of washing line and clothesline in Australia, with their prices still very reasonable as these laundry dryers do last a lifetime in most cases. 

There are two styles of modern Hills rotary clothes hoists which are;

  1. Traditional Hills Hoist with galvanised steel and galvanised wire (permanently fixed model)
  2. Folding head Hills rotary clothesline with plastic wire (means the line can be removed from the ground after installation as it comes with a ground socket)

Prices for Hills Hoist models vary depending on model and size

For your specific household situation and the exact model of clothes hoist the price will vary and below are some pricing guidelines,

  • Fully galvanised and traditional style - prices range from around $470 - $600
  • Budget fixed Hills Hoist models with plastic crank case - prices range from $350 - $440
  • Premium modern folding rotary models - prices range from $280 - $360
  • Budget folding hoists - prices range from $240 - $299

Traditional style Hills Clothes Hoists are still popular today

hills hoist prices online

Modern Folding rotary clotheslines are  the top selling model of rotary clothesline in Australia

hills hoist prices in australia

Need to speak with someone? Please feel free to call us today on 1300 798 779 and speak with one of our expert Hills clothesline support staff who can can discuss your specific needs and help you get the right solution.

Need Help Choosing the Right Folding Rotary Clothesline?

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Hills Hoist Prices

Lifestyle Clotheslines also has a  Clothesline Installation Service in all major cities in Australia if you need a hand installing your line

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