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Hills Hoist Cover - are these covers waterproof?

If you are looking for a  Hills Hoist cover to provide protection and shade for your clothes, laundry and animals, you can find all covers here.

Covers for Hills Hoist clotheslines and washing lines are one of the most popular clothes line accessory items and you can find both waterproof and shade cloth covers.

These Hills clothesline covers are a multi fit design and fit both traditional Hills Hoist and the newer folding or fold up rotary models.

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Benefits to using a Hills Hoist Cover

  • keep your washing and laundry dry during showers and rain
  • protects from bird and bat droppings(plus other airborne creatures)
  • clothes last longer as they dont fade due to the reduced exposure to harsh Australian UV rays
  • utilise your clothesline as a big umbrella during summer
  • hide your clothesline with a cover(great if you dont want your clothesline to look like one!)
  • provides shaded area for pets and children to play under in hot summer months 

hills hoist cover

Hills Hoist Cover - are these covers waterproof?

To see photo's, video's and reviews please visit the Rotary Clothesline Cover product page here

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