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Can You Use Pegs on the 1.8m Airaus Ceiling Airer?

The rods on all models of the Airaus ceiling mounted clothes airer are around 10mm in diameter and would be too big for a stand peg to clip washing and laundry to.

These items are more suited to just laying the washing over the rod for drying, not pegging it as such.

If you wanted a ceiling mounted line that you could use pegs with, checkout the  Versaline Up and Away Ceiling Airer and Clothesline as this has the more traditional style clothesline line it in.

Here is the link to the  Airaus ceiling airer for you reference

If you need any further help with choosing the right ceiling mounted clothesline please let us know or call on 1300 798 779.

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Can You Use Pegs on the 1.8m Airaus Ceiling Airer?

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