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Best heavy duty retractable clothes line

The best heavy duty retractable clothes line is a question we get asked alot and as there are many models and styles of retractable and retracting clothes lines, here are a few tips to help you choosing the best model for your situation.

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Tips on choosing the best heavy duty retractable clothes line

  1. How far out does the clothesline need to extend to? Many modern retractable lines only extend to 6.5 metres, so for a distances over this length you would need to be looking at the Austral Retractaway 40(8m extension) or the Austral Retractaway 50(10m maximum extension)
  2. How much wall space or area do you have to work with? The bigger the wall space you have the bigger and stronger unit you can put up on it. If you dont have much wall space then a post to post installation would be the answer.
  3. Who is going to be the main user of the clothesline? Keeping this is mind when installing your new retractable clothesline is key as you want to make sure the line is at the right height for the person who is going to be using the line the most.
  4. Do you have a secure surface to mount the cabinet to? Retractable clothes lines, particularly the heavy duty models operate under very high tension to be able to keep the lines tight and your washing and laundry off the ground. Ideally retractable clotheslines should be installed on to a brick wall or steel posts to make sure the line in anchored correctly before the unit is used.

Our Recommendations

When it comes to recommending the best retractable clothesline for your situation you need to take into account the points above.

During our in house testing of all current retractable and retracting style clotheslines, we did find that the more they cost the better they performed and operated and in particular the Hills Slim range was the standout, however they are the most expensive products in this category.

Below we have listed our top picks.

Option Number 1

Hills Slim 6 Retracting Clotheslines

heavy duty retractable clothes line

  • 6 lines with maximum extension of 6,5m and minimum of 2m
  • Super slim cabinet design
  • Beautiful function and operation every time

Option Number 2

Austral Retractaway 40 Clotheslines

heavy duty retractable clothes line

  • 5 lines that extend up to 8m(10 version available)
  • All steel construction and made in Australia
  • Lots of mounting options with posts, mount bar and sockets available

Option Number 3

Hills Extenda 6 Retractable Clothesline

heavy duty retractable clothes line picture

  • 6 lines that extend out to 6.5m
  • Saltbush colour cabinet with duel lock system
  • Smooth and reliable operation

    If you need any further assistance in choosing the right heavy duty retractable clothes line for your home please feel free to give us a call on 1300 798 779 or visit our main website at www.LifestyleClotheslines.com.au

    Best heavy duty retractable clothes line

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