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How To Install Brabantia Wallfix Dryer Clothesline

The Brabantia Wallfix Dryer and Clothesline is one of the most popular wall mounted clotheslines for narrow wall areas.

Below is the full installation video for the Brabantia Wallfix clothesline and how it attaches to your wall.

If you need any assistance in installing your new Brabanita clotheslines, Lifestyle Clotheslines has a team of qualified clothesline installers around Australia that can help with this.

Like to Speak to a Real Person?

If you need any help in choosing the right clothesline for your home or have any questions around the Brabanita clotheslines please feel free to call at anytime on 1300 798 779.

For more information on the Brabantia Wallfix Clothesline you can visit this link - https://www.lifestyleclotheslines.com.au/products/brabantia-wallfix-foldaway-clothesline-with-storage-box

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