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3400mm Wide Clothesline

Choosing a right 3400mm wide clothesline need not be a complicated affair, have a look at our list of recommendations to see which of our favourites will fit within a 3400mm wide spacing for drying your laundry.

Specifically sized clotheslines are not usually stocked in store, more often than not, it takes weeks for a typical brick and mortar store to have your custom clothesline done.

We know that the market is lacking when it comes to clotheslines with very specific sizes like 3400mm that's why we came up with a list of recommendations that are not only perfectly sized and ready for installation upon arriving on your doorstep.

These clotheslines are destined to last almost as long as your home given their impeccable durability.

Go ahead and watch the video we've made for you, we'll run you through a couple of important topics such as our preferred models, colour options that you can choose for each one, the installation/mounting methods, freestanding kits, installation service area coverage and more!

Links to 3400mm Wide Clotheslines shown in vide

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