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3300mm Wide Clothesline

Our 3300mm wide clothesline recommendations consist of only premium quality Australian clotheslines that's appropriately sized for 3300mm wide spaces and have an undeniable reputation for outlasting competing brands, read on to find out more!

Here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we are proud of our ratings database that is filled to the brim with thousands of genuine reviews from actual customers, we've been in this industry long enough to have gained the people's trust and we will work tirelessly to keep it that way.

Like we always say, we mostly point our customers towards Australian made clotheslines simply because when it comes to craftsmanship they are second to none.

Aussie clothesline manufacturers like Austral, Eco, Daytek, and Hills know how customers use their clotheslines, the weather/climate conditions we experience, how clotheslines fair in coastal areas and the likes and they've designed their products to plow through these challenging circumstances for decades on end.

The imported ones we see on the market are simply no match to locally produced ones and their price tags reflect this as well.

If you want to get started on finding the ultimate clothesline for your home, check out our video below where we will introduce you to our most recommended 3300mm wide clotheslines, the colour options, installation/mounting, freestanding kits, and more!

Links to 3300mm Wide Clotheslines shown in video

  • Austral Compact 39
  • austral compact 39

    hills long clothesline

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