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2000mm Wide Clothesline

Determine which 2000mm wide clothesline will suit your home the most! Let us help you find the perfect model to fit within a 200mm wide spacing.

Lifestyle Clotheslines mostly carries clotheslines and clothesline accessories that are Australian engineered/manufactured due to their impeccable quality and renowned reliability that can last for decades.

We recommend clotheslines from brands such as Eco, Hills, Austral, and Daytek because of their durability, these manufacturers do not skimp on the quality of materials just to offer products with cheap price tags.

It is crucial for a clothesline manufacturer to know how their target demographics use their products, our clothesline boast robust heavy duty brackets and frames fashioned from galvanised steel thanks to their tensile strength to support very heavy wet articles.

The frames are coated with a powder coat paint that has an enamel-like finish to ensure that the frame does not rust and won't peel off when it's bitter cold outside as well as power through the harsh summers that we experience.

Not only that, Australian clotheslines are usually backed by a 5 year guarantee compared to cheaper imported ones that only come with 1-2 years of warranty.

Watch our video below to get answers to all of your frequently asked questions about the products we recommend, width customisation, depth options, colour options, freestanding kits, and installation services Australia-wide:

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Eco 210 2000mm wide folding clothesline

Eco lowline Attachment for clothesline 2000mm wide


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Our awesomely friendly and knowledgeable clothesline installation partners are available in all of Australia, we also offer minor width customisations as well as on colour choices at no extra cost to you! Just get in touch with us and we will gladly discuss everything with you in full detail.

To see photos, product videos, and reviews, please visit the Eco Clotheslines 2000mm page here

Eco Clotheslines: http://www.ecoclotheslines.com.au

YouTube Video: Watch 2000mmm wide clothesline video on YouTube

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