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1300mm Wide Clothesline

Getting a 1300mm clothesline for your home is not as hard as it seems, let us help you find the perfect clothesline for a 1300mm wide spacing that is eco-friendly, reliable, and easy on the wallet!

We know that it can be quite a chore when it comes to searching for clotheslines that have a very specific width like this one but fret not because we've got a few recommendations for you and we are sure that you are going to like them.

Our clothesline experts here at Lifestyle Clotheslines made a short list of the bestselling and most-reviewed clothesline products from our online portal that is why we came up with a short video guide for you to find out which models and brands will suit your need best!

In the video below, we talked about the many brands and models that are engineered to withstand the harsh Australian climate as well as the average Aussie home's usage scenario.

The video starts with the models/brands we and our customers love the most, the colour options for each model, mounting kits, freestanding conversion, and accessories that work best with each one -- have a look at it below!

Links to 1300mm Wide Clotheslines shown in video

Eco 150 Fold down clothesline

australi indoor outdoor 1300mm wide clothesline link

hills mini 1300mm wide clothesline link

Got Questions on 1300mm Wide Clotheslines


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We offer installation services allover Australia and offer minor width alterations as well as colour choices on the clothesline of your choosing at no extra cost to you! Just get in touch with us and we will gladly discuss everything with you in full detail.

To see photos, product videos, and reviews, please visit the Eco Clotheslines 1300mm page here

Eco Clotheslines: http://www.ecoclotheslines.com.au
Austral Clotheslines: 
Hills Clotheslines: https://www.hillshome.com.au

YouTube Video: Watch 1300mm wide clothesline video on YouTube

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