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340cm Wide Clothesline

The best 340cm wide clothesline for your home is just a click away! Get ultra-durable clotheslines that will give you years upon years of worry-free laundry drying experience here at Lifestyle Clotheslines.

It can be a hard to find the right clothesline that will fit a specific area such as a 340cm wide spacing, not to mention, the combination of features and overall build quality that you might be looking for within such a niche spectrum of the market does not make it any easier.

We are aware of such a situation and that is why we think that you have come to the right place! Here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, there is a reason why thousands upon thousands of our loyal customers keep coming back (these verified reviews back that up!). 

we make sure to match the clothesline to a certain customer's needs, give them the best bang for their buck, and do our best to assist them should they require our help after buying a clothesline.

So go ahead and watch the video we've created below we where we'll discuss about finding the perfect clothesline for your needs, the colour options for each brand/model we prefer, the installation options, freestanding mounting kits, installation services, and so much more!

Links to 340cm Wide Clotheslines shown in video

Austral Compact 39 340cm wide clothesline

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