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80cm Wide Clotheslines

Lifestyle Clotheslines offers a great range of 80cm clothesline that may be small but does not skimp on aesthetics and quality so keep reading on to find out which are our top picks for clotheslines of this size.

We have put our dedicated clothesline experts to create a list of our customers' most favoured 80cm wide clotheslines as well as our experts themselves--they've already done the hard work so you won't have to!

80cm wide clothesline are not exactly common when it comes to fold down clotheslines, it's a good thing that we carry a broad-spectrum of clothesline models that can work in any space imaginable--the sky is literally the limit!

In the video below you will find out the models we have available for clotheslines that have a width of 80cm the colour options available, installation methods, freestanding kits, installation service, and other frequently asked questions that you may have.

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