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70cm Wide Clotheslines

Need a new clothesline but have limited space? Lifestyle Clotheslines has a wide array of 70cm clothesline that will perfectly fit even the narrowest space in or out your home!

We only carry brands and models that are reliable, dependable, and most notably--wallet friendly because we know you want only the best for your hard-earned money.

A 70cm long clothesline is not exactly a standard size for any clothesline brand but since we cater to pretty much the whole spectrum when it comes to clothesline form factors, rest assured, we've got you covered!

We took the time to consult our expert and came up with a list of 70cm clotheslines that are only the best of the best.

From best rated to the ones our clothesline experts personally prefer for this kind of space, you will have utmost peace of mind knowing that our recommendations are nothing but high quality and offer the best value for money.

The talking points we have included in the video include the models we like the most (as well as our loyal customers), the colour options to suit your home, the installation options, freestanding kits, installation service, and more.

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