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60cm Wide Clotheslines

Looking for a new 60cm clothesline for your home? We have the best range of clothesline products available in Australia today, from ultra space-saving models to large format fold-downs, we've got you covered.

A clothesline with a width of 60cm is not a size commonly offered by most stores and clothesline manufacturers.

Since we care about and cater to every Aussie's needs when it comes to high quality clotheslines, we have a handful of clothesline brands and models that fit within a space of just 60cm.

We consulted with our awesome clothesline experts so they can curate for us a list of models that they think will bode well in such a usage scenario, they also made sure that these units are chosen only from the most well-rated products we have.

In the video below, we have outlined a few important talking points when choosing your clotheslines:

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