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3m Wide Clotheslines

Searching for 3m clothesline has never been easier! Lifestyle Clotheslines should be your only choice if you want a hassle-free clothesline shopping, there is a reason why we have thousands upon thousands of very happy and loyal customers!

A 3m wide area can be pretty generous when it comes to clotheslines and it is quite easy to find what you are looking for since we are here to help!

We put our clothesline experts to work so that we can help you find the perfect 3m wide clothesline inside or outside of your home.

We took the liberty of posting a video below where we have discussed the brand we recommend the most, the models suitable for 3m wide spaces, colour options for those models, ground mount kits, installation, and other FAQs that you may have.

As an online retailer for many Australian brands, we understand the needs of our customers and unsurprisingly, value for money and reliability are the top priorities for many.

That is why we blatantly recommend Eco clotheslines for their unprecedented reliability track record--without breaking the bank! We can also customise them to your specific needs from depth to width as well as the colours/finish.

Links to 3m Wide Clotheslines shown in video

Eco 300 3m Wide Clothesline

Eco lowline Attachment

Eco Dual Fram 3m Wide Clothesline

Want to Speak to a Real Person?

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We have an awesome team of clothesline experts ready to answer your questions anytime here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we will gladly help you find the perfect clothesline suitable for your needs, so give us a call now!

To see photos, product videos, and reviews, please visit the Eco Clotheslines 3m page here

Eco Clotheslines: http://www.ecoclotheslines.com.au

YouTube Video: Watch 3m wide clothesline video on YouTube

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