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Clothesline Installation Gosnells 6110 WA

The sun’s natural drying power is perfect for skipping the spin cycle and ensuring that you will get fresh smelling laundry every time.

Let Lifestyle Clotheslines assist you in selecting the most ideal clothesline product for your home in Gosnells 6110 Perth WA – and experience lower utility bill every month.

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What is the best clothesline unit for awkward or uneven installation spaces?

The advice of Clothes Line Installation Gosnells is to use a clothesline unit with customisable features – those whose lines can be trimmed to fit your available space. It can be positioned on a narrow pathway or walkway, in a small laundry or mudroom, even inside the bathroom for quick access. 

Brand in Focus: Austral Clotheslines

The Austral Fold Down Dual Frame Clothesline is a proudly Australian-made clothesline unit backed by an impressive 10 year Structural Warranty. All of its major structural components have been constructed using Galvabond® Steel – a multipurpose clothes rack to accommodate different types of items, drying preferences, or space allocation.

What makes the Austral Addaline 35 Clothesline a valuable clothesline investment?

  • Clothesline with 2 folding frames (fold down style)for 5 to 6 persons
  • With 15 polycord lines (8 lines on front frame, 7 lines on rear frame)
  • Total hanging space is 39 metres with laundry capacity of 100kg on main frame
  • Holds at least 2 full loads of washings (16 metres per load) and can fit queen sized sheets
  • Compatible with a clothesline cover

Need access to top-rated solutions from Gosnells Clothesline Installation and Installers?

At Lifestyle Clotheslines, Gosnells Clothesline Supply and Install Services can provide washing lines and laundry lines with industry-standard excellence. Dial 1300 798 779 today and have a quick chat with a laundry line representative. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines is also happy to provide all types of clothesline products and services to its nearby Perth suburbs of Alfred Cove, Applecross, Ardross, Brentwood, Booragoon, Manning, Mount Pleasant, Salter Point, and Waterford.

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Clothesline Services in the Gosnells area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

    Clothesline Installation Gosnells 6110 WA

Clothesline Gosnells 6110 WA

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