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1.2m Wide Clotheslines

Are you shopping for the ultimate 1.2m clothesline here in Australia? Come and see the video we have included below where we will tackle the top choices for 1.2m clothesline brands, the flexible mounting options, and vast range of colours for this unique clothesline size of just 1.2m wide.

A width of 1.2m is quite a narrow profile as far as clotheslines go so you will want to maximise the use of space inside or outside your home as much as possible with very little sacrifice on your part so take a look at the video below for an in-depth look at our 1.2m wide clothesline products!

Links to 1.2m Wide Clotheslines shown in video

eco apartment clothesline

eco 120 clothesline shown in 1.2m wide size

Austral indoor outdoor 1.2m wide

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