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1m Wide Clotheslines

Check out our 1m clothesline models that are really popular in Australia at this moment, we even took the liberty to create a video guide so you can conveniently find just which 1m wide clothesline you are searching for! We included the best brands of 1m clotheslines, the mounting options, and all the colours available!

A clotheslines with a width of 1m is not common but since we are trying to be the one-stop-shop for your clothesline needs here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, anything is possible with us! We cater to unique clothesline solutions in order to satisfy your laundry drying needs. 

Checkout the video below to find your own 1m wide clothesline!

Links to 1m Wide Clotheslines shown in video

eco apartment clothesline

eco 120 clothesline shown in 1m wide size

Eco Lowline Attachment

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To see photos, product videos, and reviews, please visit the Eco Clotheslines 1m page here

Eco Clotheslines: http://www.ecoclotheslines.com.au

YouTube Video: Watch 1m wide clothesline video on YouTube

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