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Clothesline Installation Cedar Grove 4285 QLD

Cedar Grove 4285 Logan City QLD

Tumble drying isn’t the only way to prevent bath towels from getting stiff or down comforters from being clumped up during laundry day within your home in Cedar Grove 4285 Logan City QLD.

Cedar Grove Clothesline Installation and Installers has a simple but effective tip: Just make sure your clothesline unit has a weather-resistant cover so that direct sun exposure won’t cause stiff bath towels nor clumped down comforters. 

Outdoor line drying using a strong and sturdy clothesline unit is the most cost-effective and most environmental-friendly way of dealing with bath towels and down comforters!

Eco 300 Clothesline

  • Can accommodate the regular to high drying requirements of 5 or more persons 
  • Offers various total hanging space from 18 metres up to 42 metres 
  • Suitable for different types of installation
  • A great alternative to a fixed head rotary clothes hoist
  • Can be fitted with a waterproof cover

Austral Standard 28 Clothesline

  • Can accommodate the low to regular drying requirements of 3 to 4 persons
  • Offers 28 metres of total hanging space
  • A great alternative to rotary clothes hoist
  • Fits queen sized sheets
  • Can be fitted with a waterproof cover

Visit Lifestyle Clotheslines official website and be impressed by the complete selection of Aussie-made brands such as Sunbreeze and Austral, Eco and EcoDry, Fulcrum and Evolution, Daytek and Versaline, including the classic Hills Hoist Line.

Do you have questions about Cedar Grove Clothesline Installation and Installers?

Lifestyle Clotheslines ensures you get the right answers and the right advice when you inquire about the Clothesline Installation and Installers in Cedar Grove 4285 Logan City QLD. Speak with a clothesline expert at 1300 798 779 right away. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines also provides high quality washing line and laundry line brands and units as well as fast clothesline installation services to its neighbouring Logan City suburbs of Windaroo, Wolffdene, Woodhill, Woodridge, and Yarrabilba.

For more information and the  best clotheslines in the Logan City area click here.

Clothesline Services in the Cedar Grove area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

Clothesline Installation Cedar Grove 4285 QLD

Clothesline Installation Cedar Grove 4285 QLD

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