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Clothesline Installation Kingsholme 4208 QLD

When you’re finally fed up with all the lint from your dryer, accidental snags on your delicate clothing items, and the unexpected surge on your monthly electric bill, there’s no way you can resist all the wonderful benefits of using a clothesline unit within your home in Kingsholme 4208 Gold Coast QLD.


A clothesline unit with all the right features can bring efficiency and convenience to your clothes drying task which includes less dependence on your electric tumble dryer and lower energy consumption.


Imagine having perfectly dried clothes that are not subjected to over-wringing, chemicals, and extra power usage!

Take a look at these excellent products that Lifestyle Clotheslines has to offer. Let’s compare the Daytek M42 Rotary Clothesline with the Kitchen Maid Six Lath Victorian Supreme Ceiling Airer.

Daytek M42 Rotary Clothesline

1.    Can accommodate the regular to high washing demand of 4 to 5 persons

2.    For ground mounting installation

3.    Provides 42 metres of total hanging space

4.    Has 6 pre-strung and pre-tensioned lines with 2.50 metres outside line length

5.    Each line has 0.152m line spacing

6.    Fits queen sized sheets

7.    With removable ground sockets

8.    Easy to install, fold  down, and pack away

9.    Can be fitted with a waterproof cover

10.Equipped with wind brake feature

11.With coat hanger loops

Kitchen Maid Six Lath Victorian Supreme Ceiling Airer

1.    Can accommodate the low to regular drying requirements of 3 to 4 persons

2.    For ceiling mounting installation

3.    For homes with no ground space available

4.    Uses your home’s natural heat to dry your clothes

5.    Can be used indoors or outdoors

6.    With various total hanging space available

7.    Customisable lengths

8.    Has 6 laths made from sustainable wood

9.    Can take on up to 20kg of wet laundry

10.With natural organic rope that is cotton lined

Need fast drying process at lower energy consumption?

Lifestyle Clotheslines provides the most excellent clothesline solution for cutting the drying time significantly without the high energy consumption within your home in Kingsholme 4208 Gold Coast QLD. Dial 1300 798 779 to know more about your clothesline options.

Lifestyle Clotheslines also provides excellent washing line products and laundry line services to its neighbouring Gold Coast suburbs of Hollywell, Hope Island, Jacobs Well, and Labrador.

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Clothesline Installation Kingsholme 4208 QLD

Clothesline Services in the Kingsholme area include:

Clothesline Installation Kingsholme 4208 QLD

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