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Clothesline Installation Mount Ommaney 4074 QLD

You’re always hesitant about using a clothesline unit because you’re always dealing with long linens and sheets as well as thick and bulky garments within your home in Mount Ommaney 4074 Western Suburbs Brisbane QLD.

If you’re worried that a typical clothesline unit won’t be able to carry the weight, Lifestyle Clotheslines provides the following tips so you can line dry outdoors and prevent the overuse of energy by tumble drying all those stuff. 

“Heavy duty wet washings might snap the lines in two – and leave me doing the laundry all over again.”

  1. 1. Consider a strong and durable retractable laundry line with poylcord lines

The high quality lines can take on your king sized sheets and beddings, even thick and bulky clothes, towels, and garments without the sagging effect on the lines. 

Take a look at the Sunbreeze Retractable 6 which provides a total hanging space of 39 metres and can take on king sized sheets easily. It has 140mm line spacing so you can be sure that thick or bulky items will dry swiftly and properly. 

  1. 2. Consider a sturdy fold down washing line with dual frames

It is a great alternative to a rotary hoist but can still carry several washing loads at a time. 

An excellent unit like the Eco Dual Frame Clothesline allows for line drying light and quick loads as well as large washing loads because of its dual frame. It doesn’t require a large installation space and can be folded down when not in use. 

Need expert help with your clothesline purchase?

Lifestyle Clotheslines can help you no matter what stage of clothesline purchase you’re at for your home in Mount Ommaney 4074 Western Suburbs Brisbane QLD. Speak with a live agent at 1300 798 779 right away.

Lifestyle Clotheslines also provides clothesline services to neighbouring suburbs of Karana Downs, Kholo, Mt Crosby, Jindalee, Riverhills, and Westlake.

For more information and the best clothes lines in the Western Suburbs area click here.

Clothesline Installation Mount Ommaney 4074

Clothesline Services in the Mount Ommaney area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

Clothesline Installation Mount Ommaney 4074 QLD

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