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Clothesline Installation Virginia 4014 QLD

Clothesline Installation Virginia 4014 QLD

If you are a homeowner in Virginia 4014 Northern Suburbs Brisbane QLD and you’re interested in purchasing a retractable laundry line unit like the Brabantia Retractable Clothesline, Lifestyle Clotheslines answers the most common questions about it. 

How much line space does it offer?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline offers 22 metres of total hanging space.

How many people can benefit from it?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline can accommodate the high washing demand of 2 to 4 persons.

How many lines does it have?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline has 5 high quality lines.

How far can each line be extended?

Each line of the Brabantia Retractable Clothesline can be extended for a minimum of 2 metres and a maximum of 4.4 metres each. 

What is the unit measurement?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline has the following unit measurement: cabinet width of 0.483m cabinet width, 0.08m cabinet depth, and 0.07m cabinet height.

What is the unit construction or its available colour options?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline has stainless steel case and is available in Matt Steel colour.

What is the required installation area?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline needs an installation space of 70mm in depth, 300mm in height, and 1040mm in width.

What kind of unique features or functions does it possess?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline has an automatic locking system that is designed to keep lines taut and tight at all times.

What type of warranty does it offer?

The Brabantia Retractable Clothesline offers 5 year warranty.

Can you benefit from this type of clothesline unit?

  •   If you need a great alternative to a traditional rotary hoist
  •   If you want a modern and stylish clothesline unit with minimal visual impact

Confused about a certain clothesline specification?

Lifestyle Clotheslines takes pride in providing the most detailed information about any type of clothesline product for homes in Virginia 4014 Northern Suburbs Brisbane QLD.  Speak with a clothesline specialist at 1300 798 779 and you’ll find out soon enough. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines also provides clothesline services to neighbouring suburbs of Hendra, Nundah, Geebung, Wavell Heights, and Zillmere.

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Clothesline Services in the Virginia area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

Clothesline Installation Virginia 4014 QLD

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