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Clothesline Installation Manly 4179 QLD

If you don’t want a traditional fixed rotary clothes hoist but you still want a clothesline unit that can take on at least a full washing load during your laundry day in Manly 4179 Eastern Suburbs Brisbane QLD, let Lifestyle Clotheslines provide the necessary information for 2 similar folding rotary clotheslines that can be a great alternative. 

Consider how the Austral Foldaway 45 Rotary Clothesline or the Austral Foldaway 51 Rotary Clothesline is similar or different from each other:


Austral Foldaway 45 Rotary Clothesline

Austral Foldaway 51 Rotary Clothesline

Total Hanging Space 46.5 metres 51 metres
Load Capacity Can accommodate the high drying requirements of 3 to 4 persons Can accommodate the high washing demand of 5 to 6 persons
Number of Lines 7 polycord lines 7 polycord lines
Line Length 2.22 metres outside line length 2.54 metres outside line length
Head Diameter 3.3 metres 3.8 metres
Space Requirement 4.4 metres 4.8 metres
Unit Construction Galvanised Steel Galvanised Steel
Laundry Size Capacity Queen sized sheets King sized sheets
Available Colours Classic Cream
Woodland Grey
Classic Cream
Woodland Grey
Distinctive Quality With removable ground sockets With removable ground sockets
With optional basket cover With optional basket cover
Can be fitted with a waterproof cover Can be fitted with a waterproof cover
Smooth winding action Smooth winding action

Both units are big enough to hold several washing loads at a time. They are specifically designed to withstand the harsh Aussie weather. 

Each one can be drilled permanently in the middle of a big backyard or courtyard for direct sun exposure or be a non-permanent drying solution, thanks to its removable ground sockets which can be bought as optional order.

Want to harness the sun’s natural drying power?

Lifestyle Clotheslines offers you the most suitable clothesline unit that lets you take advantage of all the free sunlight in Manly 4179 Eastern Suburbs Brisbane QLD. Call now at 1300 798 779 so you can make your clothesline selection. 

Lifestyle Clotheslines also provides clothesline services to neighbouring suburbs of Lota, Wynnum, Manly West, and Wynnum West.

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Clothesline Services in the Manly area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

    Clothesline Installation Manly 4179 QLD

Clothesline Installation Manly 4179 QLD

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