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Size of Hills Retractable Clothesline Post

The size of the Hills Retractable Clothesline post is a question we get asked alot.

Please find below all the dimensions of the Hills Retractable Post which is adjustable in height and comes in a range of colours.

You can find the complete range of  Hills Retractable Clotheslines here

Width of Post: 50mm x 50mm

Height of Post: Adjustable in height with 3 height settings

Colour: Stone, Silver for Slim range and Autumn Stone for Everyday range

Height for Installation: User Height + 115mm

Installation: Can be concreted directly into the ground or used with Hills Retractable Post Ground Socket

The Hills retractable post can also be used with our without a mount plate or mount bar, depending on the model of retractable clothesline unit.

Mounting Options and Specs for Hills Retractable Clothesline Post

Hills Retractable Clothesline Post

Size of Hills Retractable Clothesline Post

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