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Clothesline Installation Yagoona 2199 NSW

Are you looking for a compact and handy washing line unit that won’t require permanent fixtures upon installation within your home in Yagoona 2199 South Western Sydney NSW? Lifestyle Clotheslines brings to you the Hook and Away Clothesline by Versaline. 

The Hook and Away Clothesline by Versaline is a handy and compact saving unit that is ideally suited for those living in rental units, holiday homes, strata areas, and small homes in Yagoona 2199 South Western Sydney NSW.

Its non-permanent design feature allows for quick installation and easy utilisation as well as fast removal and storage of the unit after you’re done with the laundry.

Because it doesn’t require drilling, you’re able to comply with specific rental unit agreement regarding permanent fixtures. No worries about holes or ruining your home design. You can easily hook it over the balcony railing, patio balustrade, over the kitchen sink, or above the bathroom tub. 

Say goodbye to line drying your clothes on furniture or even the balcony or patio itself. The Hook and Away Clothesline by Versaline possesses 5 strong lines that can provide up to 15 metres of hanging space!


Country of Manufacture:Australia

Model:Hook and Away Clothesline

Number of Lines:5

Total Hanging Space:11m to 15m

Recommended for:1-2 persons

Warranty:1 year

Width:1570mm to 2100mm


You can request Lifestyle Clotheslines to schedule an installation service within your home in Yagoona 2199 South Western Sydney NSW which can also include the removal of your old or existing clothesline unit. 

What's Included With The Hook and Away Clothesline by Versaline

  •   1 x Clothesline Unit
  •   1 x Clothesline Cord
  •   1 x Instruction Sheet

Installation Note: For installation services in Yagoona 2199 South Western Sydney NSW that will require drilling into existing concrete, please contact Lifestyle Clotheslines at 1300 798 779 to discuss additional labour fees.

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Clothesline Services in the Yagoona area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

    Clothesline Installation Yagoona 2199 NSW

Clothesline Installation Yagoona 2199 NSW

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