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Clothesline Installation Neutral Bay 2089 NSW

Clothesline Installation Neutral Bay 2089 NSW

How can the Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer be beneficial for your home in Neutral Bay 2089 Lower North Shore NSW?

This is the epitome of a space saving clothes airer. It functions like a rotary laundry line – capable of dealing a full washing load at a time – without occupying too much space, especially when you only have a narrow or tight area to devote for its installation. 

You can get the Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer at Lifestyle Clotheslines, your leading laundry line installer, supplier, and retailer in Neutral Bay 2089 Lower North Shore NSW.

The Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer has a clever and streamlined design that allows it to be installed even in the smallest part of your wall:

  • ●  no need to set up and dis-assemble another clotherairer
  • ●  fixed onto the wall
  • ●  always ready for use
  • ●  very easy to fold away
  • ●  less hassle, quick drying task, more time for other chores

The Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer measures 1795mm wide, 1090mm high and 1820mm deep. Its outer lines are 120cm in length, but all in all, it can provide as much as 24 metres of hanging space. It can fit:

  • ●  inside the bathroom as a secondary clothesline unit
  • ●  in a small laundry area during days when you need to multitask
  • ●  on a spare wall in your narrow garage when the weather is not pleasant. 
  • ●  on the balcony or patio area for easy access

No worries about weather elements that may cause premature deterioration of its parts because the Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer is specifically designed to withstand corrosion, and even the harsh Aussie sun. 

And how should you deal with rain, moisture, as well as bat poo and bird droppings? The Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer can be purchased with a waterproof cover – for complete protection against various external elements. 

Aim for a faster, more efficient, and more convenient clothes drying task in your home in Neutral Bay 2089 Lower North Shore NSW by purchasing the Brabantia Wall Fix Clothes Airer from Lifestyle Clotheslines. 

Clothesline Services in the Neutral Bay area include:

  • Rotary clothesline installation
  • Hills Hoist and clothes hoist installs
  • Removal of old clothesline
  • Core Hole Drilling service
  • Insurance & Storm damaged quotes
  • Rewiring service

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