How does the raise and lower mechanism work for ceiling airers?

The ceiling airers raise up and down by the pulleys and have two ropes, one for each pulley.... you have cleat on the wall that the pulley cords tie off to, so when you want to lower you undo the cords, lower the unit to the height you want and re-tie off the cords on the cleat. 

You then load it up and go back to the cleat on the wall, undo the cords and raise to the height you want and then tie off again to the wall cleat.... its pretty simple system really.

The only thing is you need to have them anchored into the ceiling correctly as there is upto 30kg of weight for the bigger units.

For larger drying needs we would recommend the  Six Lath Supreme or the Stacker Gismo airer as the two best suited.

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