How To Stop Bird Poo on Washing and Laundry

If you are like most of us there is nothing more frustrating than going to all the trouble of doing your washing and hanging it out, to come back a short time later and find it covered in bird poo or bird droppings.

Birds love nothing more than pooping on your  clean, dry washing, which causes nothing but stress and hassel for us.

The best way to stop bird poo on your washing

How to stop bird poo on washing and laundry is an easy fix when you use a  clothesline cover that is heavy duty and will not let any bird poo or droppings through.

The clothesline cover pictured below is the ideal solution as it is made of heavy duty PVC material that will not let any bird poo or bird droppings through. If the cover does get dirty all you need to do is take it off the clothesline and give a scrub with a brush and hose to remove the bird droppings. 

Bird Poo Cover for Rotary Clothesline

how to stop bird poo on washing and laundry

If you have a wall mounted of fold down clothesline you can also get a bird poo cover for this type of clothesline to.

The fold down clothesline covers need no tools to attach the cover to the clothesline and again easily cleaned of bird poo and air bourne pollution by removing the cover and scrubbing it with a brush and hose.

Bird Poo Cover for Fold Down and Wall Mounted Clothesline

bird poo cover for fold down clothesline

The material that these bird poo covers are made from is a waterproof material called polyethylene, which comes in a beige color only. This option is really good for preventing your clothes from getting wet in rainy weather when you've hung them out, plus it also provides you with a really good form of shade in the backyard.

Using a cover on your clothesline or washing line also helps in reducing UV damage to your clothes so they last longer, plus also providing shade in the summer and weather protection in the winter months.

How To Stop Bird Poo on Washing and Laundry

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