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Rain Cover for Hills Hoist

You can get a  rain cover for Hills Hoist clotheslines which comes in a beige colour and is made of a waterproof PVC material.

Using a rain cover on a Hills Hoist is a great way to keep your clothes clean and dry if it is raining, plus it also protects your washing and laundry from bird droppings and airbourne pollution during the dryer months of the year.

The Hills Hoist rain covers come in a range of sizes to fit both  modern folding rotary Hills Hoist models and the classic traditional Hills clothes hoist style of clothesline.

rain cover for hills hoist

Benefits to Using a Rain Cover for Hills Hoist

  • Keep you washing and laundry dry when its raining
  • Protects from bird poo and airbourne pollutions
  • Limits UV damage to clothes
  • Use as a shade play area for kids or pets during summer

Bunnings do not stock the rain cover for Hills Hoist clotheslines in any sizes.

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Rain Cover for Hills Hoist

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