Victorian Ceiling Airer A416 Product Video

Hello, and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. I'm just going to take you through one of our  ceiling airer products. This is one of the original design ceiling airers. Now, all these parts are manufactured in the UK, and this particular model's the Victorian Ceiling Airer. So, it is a full lath, full timber lath airer. As you can see that the shot is sharing the cast iron ends, and the timber lath simply slots through those cast iron ends. 

The kit does come with obviously two cast iron ends, one for each end of the timber lath. A 10-meter cord rope. You'll get a single and double pulley and also the cleat hook to attach to the sidewall for the rope to be tied on to. There is several length options available for the timber laths, and they do start from the .9 meter length right up to the 2.4 meter length if you do require a rather long ceiling airer.

Now the width from side to side of the airer from the outside edge of the timber lath to the outside edge of the other timber lath is approximately 38 centimeters. When the airer is fully raised to the ceiling, there will be a distance of approximately 30 centimeters from the bottom lath to the ceiling. This product is available in several different colors, and whatever color you choose, each steel component will be matched in that same color. There is also optional stainless steel S-hooks. A packet of 10 you can purchase with the ceiling airer. These are designed more for the traditional use of the airer in the kitchen where you can hang your utensils and your saucepans off the airer, but they're also very handy if you are using your ceiling airer in your laundry. Also, it can add or hang just about anything off your airer using the S-hooks.

Now the timber laths are a redwood pine lath and have been kiln dried. So they're specially treated so that you don't get any staining of your clothes, your damp clothes when they are laid over the timber laths. As with all of our products here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do back them with our 100-day happiness guarantee. So if you are not completely satisfied, just give us a call and let us know. You can get us on 1300-798-779. You can also send us an email if you like or just jump onto our live chat.

Victorian Ceiling Airer A416 Product Video

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