Traditional Ceiling Airer A285 Product Video

Hi there and welcome to Lifestyle Clotheslines. This product video is just going to discuss with you or go through one of our popular ceiling airer products. This model is called the Traditional Ceiling Airer, and now these products are all made in the UK and are proving to be very popular now here in Australia. So as you can see there, this model has also the two cast iron ends with the four timber laths. And now those laths are kiln dried, so you won't get any staining on your items when you're hanging them over those wooden laths.

So you can see a nice side profile showing the cast iron ends and they're obviously finished in the black color as in this image, but there is several color choices available to choose from. As you can see, there are multiple colors. Black's obviously the most popular, but several different colors to suit different areas and decors. The complete kit will come with two of the cast iron ends of course, the 10 meter rope, you'll get a single and double pulley, and then you've also got the cleat hook for attaching to the side wall. That's just where you tie on the rope when it's installed in the ceiling. You can also get a optional 15 meter rope cord if you do have a particularly high ceiling.

The wooden laths are available in several lengths, from a 0.9 meter size right to the very long 2.4 meter length. The unit has a width from the outside edge of the wooden lath to the other wooden lath in the outside is approximately 38 centimeters, and it has a hoisted height from the ceiling when it's fully raised down to the bottom edge of the wooden lath of approximately 22 centimeters. As mentioned earlier, they're a kiln dried redwood pine lath, so that takes the sap out of the timber so when you're placing your damp items out of the wooden laths, you won't get any staining on your clothes.

This image will just show an installation with the extra double pulley. As you can see there, it brings the cord right across to that extra pulley and keeping it away from the airer. Without that extra pulley, the cord will simply pass down through the wooden laths down to your cleat hook attached to the wall, so it just keeps that cord out of the way. Also gives you a bit of extra leverage when operating raising and lowering the ceiling airer. Particularly good too if you do have a particularly high ceiling, the optional 15 meter rope is always a good idea. In that case too, you might also want to get the extra double pulley just to give you that a little bit easier use of the product.

There's also external steel S-hooks, or butchers hooks, that you can get with this product. That's to give it its more traditional use when they're used in the kitchen to hang all your utensils and saucepans off the airer. But you can also use them of course in the laundry and hang any items like coat hangers and things off those S-hooks as well. This image just shows a typical installation to the ceiling, so you've got your single and double pulley just screwed into the ceiling. Just need to make sure that they are going into the timber beams inside the ceiling to make sure that it's been secured properly.

As with all of our products here at Lifestyle Clotheslines, we do back them with our 100 day happiness guarantee. If not completely satisfied, just give us a call and let us know.

Traditional Ceiling Airer A285 Product Video

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